DrQueen and Freedomist Announce Retirement from Ice Warriors

Ice Warriors Leader, Freedomist, declared his retirement from the army alongside fellow leader DrQueen. The two make up half of the current leadership of the icy army.

On October 8, Freedomist announced his retirement from the Ice Warriors. A day later, DrQueen also made an official announcement on her retirement. Taking up the advisor position, both leaders expressed their gratitude for leading the Ice Warriors. They described the joys of achieving success on the battlefield, discovering themselves, and finding friends. When asked about her sudden retirement decision, DrQueen reiterated that she’s “been wanting to retire for a while, just never found the right time to do it” and “stuck around longer for the war against Special Weapons and Tactics.” She’s ready for the Leaders-in-Training to carry on the Ice Guardian legacy.

DrQueen and Freedomist Retire Ice Warriors

Retirement announcements

Freedomist’s journey in armies began in 2016 as a Light Troop, however remained inactive until Disney’s shutdown of Club Penguin. He later rejoined armies in August 2019 as a Templar and only six days later ranked up to Leader. He retired a year later but would soon after join Ice Warriors and became a staff member. He later joined the Water Ninjas, Ice Warriors‘ colony at the time in October and quickly became a leader.

He was awarded with small-medium legend at the end of 2020 for his work with them and the Templars. Following Water Ninja’s shutdown, Freedomist committed to the Ice Warriors, ranked up to leader in training in September and finally becoming a leader on April 24, 2022.

Water Ninjas celebrating their ninth anniversary

On the other side, DrQueen was first recruited to armies in May of 2020, joining the Doritos. After two weeks of service, she departed in favor of joining the ice army on May 26, 2020, quickly deciding to join the Warriors’ colony, Water Ninjas in September. She quickly climbed between the ranks, earning her leader status in only a month.

With the leadership of DrQueen, Freedomist, IceQueen, and Kally, the Ninjas were able to reach major army status while working alongside their parent army. On September 4, 2021, DrQueen was introduced to the Ice Warriors leadership due to her dedication and commitment towards the army.

A recent event of the Ice Warriors

The blue army will be hosting a retirement party to celebrate both leaders this weekend. To find out more about their retirement, Club Penguin Armies reached out to the frosty duo for an interview.

Can you share your favorite memory during your time in the Ice Warriors?

DrQueen: My favorite memory has to be the March Madness season, not just the battles itself but the teamwork and bonding I did with the staff back then to achieve the one common goal. It was amazing to see so many talented people work hard together and creating memories as we do it and finally we were able to successful bring home the dub for the third time in a row!

Freedomist: I’ve made many fond memories in Ice Warriors [IW] that it’s difficult to limit it to just one. I really enjoyed the first few months of being there, partially due to leading IW’s colony Water Ninjas at the same time. Another highlight would be when I reached most recruits in the server and when I passed 5K invites. Another obvious one would be leading IW to victory in March Madness [MM] helping IW reach three MM victories in a row.

Do you think you were able to achieve what you wanted for the Ice Warriors in your time as a leader?

DrQueen: 100%, from the Amog Us War, to leading alongside my closest friends (now family), getting #1 army in 2021 and most of all winning MM for a third time in a row, I couldn’t have asked for a better leadership term.

Freedomist: I’m satisfied with what I managed to achieve personally and for the army; I managed to get the highest amount of recruits, I managed to get on the IW hall of fame and we managed to win a tournament where I managed to win all the rooms I led in in the process

What has been your greatest challenge leading the Ice Warriors and what have you learned from it?

DrQueen: Separating that line between when to be a leader and when to be a friend to your team. The greatest challenge was conveying to your staff and troops that your not just a leader who runs the army, but your also a friend and a resource to them who just wants to generally bond with them and have a good time. We are not just like any other admin.

Freedomist: Dealing with Icequeen because she [has] caused irreversible damage to my ears so I have learnt to keep her at low volumes in voice chat.

Although both the leaders have retired from the leadership position, given the huge impact they have had on their army and community at large, they will surely be remembered. With only two remaining in the Ice Warriors leadership, will the army stay strong and continue rising in spite of this?

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