Legends Cup XII: Semi-Finals Results

Following an action-packed weekend, the semi-finals of the Legends Cup XII has finally concluded, and the results are in. Find out which armies will advance to the finals and which will go home.

Legends Cup XII Semi-Finals Results

Round two of the Legends Cup XII pit not just two rivals against one another but also two former allies. The Templars of Club Penguin were paired up against the Rebel Penguin Federation, while the Water Vikings faced the Army Of Club Penguin. 

Water Vikings vs Army of Club Penguin

Although the predictions favored the Water Vikings, almost everyone agreed the Army of Club Penguin should not be underestimated. The Vikings, a consistently high-ranking army, earned themselves a bye, while the Clovers dominated over Help Force last week. The two armies entered the battlefield with high expectations and didn’t leave anything to chance.

With similar sizes, the armies fought valiantly, hoping to one-up their opponent. In the first room, the Vikings held a slight edge over their opponent regarding troops and formations. Better formations allowed them to cover the Clovers. The second room was similar, with the Vikings having better formations while the Clovers had sleeping troops. The size advantage for the Vikings grew, giving them their second room victory. The third room began with the Water Vikings dominating, but in the second half of the room, the Clovers showed more creativity, thus resulting in a tie. The results of the battle were 2-0-1 in favor of the Water Vikings.

Winner: Water Vikings

Templars of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

The second semi-finals battle saw a rematch of last year’s semi-finals: the Rebel Penguin Federation against the Templars of Club Penguin. This time, the Templars have been ruling the Top Ten Armies and consistently boasting the highest maxes of any current army. The Rebels took victory against the Templars in their war in August but initially lost their first-round bout.

Both armies gave it everything they had in an extremely close battle, trying to secure a spot in the finals. The Templars would gain a decent size advantage throughout the match, only to eventually lose it. In room one, the judges noted that the Rebels had cleaner forms, faster tactics, and better coverage. However, their size deficit to the Templars ended the room in a tie. Room two once again saw both armies fighting to stay on top, with lots of movement and creativity seen throughout the room. The judges also deemed this room a tie. Similar to the first two rooms, the armies were equal in almost every aspect in the last room. However, the Rebel Penguin Federation began relying on big word bubbles while the Templars displayed diverse tactics. The judges noted that the reliance on the bubbles and the growing Templars’ size advantage swayed the room in the Templars’ favor. After an exciting match, the final score was 1-0-2, a Templar victory.

Winner: Templars of Club Penguin

With the semi-finals concluding, theTemplars of Club Penguin are all set to face the Water Vikings in the finals. An exciting matchup for sure, as neither army has previously won the prestigious Legends Cup. Congratulations to both armies on advancing to the finals, and we wish both of them the best of luck.

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