Fresh Limes: Lime Green Army Introduces Two New Leaders

As the Lime Green Army returns to the community, two new leaders join the fold; Mac and Jojo Teri. This new generation of leaders looks to bring a fresh, new era to the Limes. 

Limes Leadership

Greeny created the Lime Green Army on April 5, 2013. Though it has had numerous generations over the years, this most recent has been productive. A month ago, the Limes claimed a controversial victory in a war against the Templars. Despite not attending a single invasion against the Templars, the Limes claimed their withdrawal from the conflict directly violated the war terms. Before its conclusion, however, its last leader, Royal Mist, departed from the army, leaving it leaderless. With this announcement by Greeny, the Limes will welcome Mac and Jojo Teri as their newest leaders. 

Lime Green Army new leaders

Mac and Jojo Teri’s promotion post.

Both leaders are relatively new to the community. Mac joined the community in 2021 as a troop in the Tiger Warriors. After making her way up the ranks, she later joined the Mercenaries in January, where she was eventually promoted to leader. After the Mercenaries closed, she moved to Special Weapons And Tactics until now. Similarly, Jojo Teri discovered the community this June and has primarily served the Limes. He briefly joined the Special Weapons but returned to the Limes, earning his promotion to a leader. While very new to the community, Jojo Teri has shown the dedication it takes to be a leader. 

Lime Green Army

A recent event from the Limes.

Club Penguin Armies had the opportunity to speak to these new leaders and army creator Greeny to learn more about the exciting developments.

How does it feel to be the newest leader of the Limes?

Mac: Well, being a leader for the Limes is giving me a feeling of a whole new experience. Getting a chance to lead with other efficient leaders, work with the finest staff, and communicate with the best Limes to achieve the best for LGA makes me feel so fortunate.

Jojo Teri: I am glad Greeny offered me the choice to become a leader of LGA. It has been one of my goals since I was a simple LGA member, and it seems like I successfully achieved it.

What do you have planned for this new generation?

Greeny: As I stated when I initially brought LGA back, this generation’s primary goal was longevity. We’ve already made it past the beginning of September, and our size has stayed pretty consistent. From here, we plan to reach new heights and create a generation even greater than before. Our community has become pretty tight-knit, so I think it will be easier to grow than before.

Mac: The main plan is to grow the army and make this generation more joyful and memorable.

Jojo Teri: I would like to increase LGA’s max while holding more events. At the same time, I wish to keep the community friendly to everyone who is a member of it. I want the members to feel more like a part of a community than soldiers of an army and have fun in it.

What are your thoughts on your fellow leaders?

Greeny: I believe they are pretty suited for the job. Although both are newer to armies than me, they have shown a lot of loyalty and dedication towards LGA since joining. Both have shown tremendous strides and growth within the community, and I’m proud they are leading alongside me.

Mac: I’m grateful for leading the army and having various discussions with them. As Greeny is more experienced in CPA than Jojo and me, he’s there to guide us and give us more knowledge on different things. I think Jojo has more understanding of external affairs than I do, so he helps clear some of my confusion.

Jojo Teri: I like that Greeny and Mac are my fellow leaders. They both seem capable of being in that position, so I believe all together, we can achieve our goals for LGA.

It’s great to see new people taking leadership. With fresh faces, we are excited to see what the new leaders have in store for the Lime Green Army. How will the Limes change under their new leadership?

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