Mercenaries Reopen Under New Leadership: “We Plan to Restore CPA”

The Mercenaries have decided to reopen their doors with a new face in the leadership. Commander-in-Chief Da Best and Emperor Midnight have decided to reopen the army for a second generation with a promising revival event.

Mercenaries were created on December 18, 2021, by Zemerick/Midnight and had their first event on January 8, 2022. They reached a hard-earned max size of 8 troops at their first event. The army went on to become a well-respected army in the small-medium category. However, due to some internal confusion within the army, their first generation ended on June 15, announcing the army’s closure.

Bull Hour, who claims himself to be the creator of Mercenaries shut down the army, upon Midnight’s wishes. It is then when the army went through a revamp, starting from scratch once again, and named themselves the Revolutionaries of Club Penguin being led by Bull Hour, as he returned to the position of leader. It is during this time, that Midnight and Da Best created a new army by the same name – Mercenaries, and are now returning to the army community once again.

Mercenaries Rebrand

Mercenaries led by Bull Hour revamping to Revolutionaries

On July 30th, the Mercenaries reopened their doors with a revival event to kick off the second generation. In addition, Da Best was announced as the new leader who would be leading the army alongside Midnight. The army reached a max size of 10 at the event, making way for a good start for the new generation.

Mercenaries Reopn

Mercenaries reopen 2nd generation under new leadership

To learn more about the revival, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Commander-in-Chief Da Best:

Why did you decide to join the Mercenaries’ leadership for the second generation?

We already were planning to return Janitors but when all of this was happening, Bull was caught for multilogging and so we decided to scrap the idea of Janitors and decided to fix Mercenaries’ reputation.

What plans do you initially have for the army’s future?

We plan to get involved on the map and restore CPA to what it was in 2020.

Do you think the army will be more successful in its second generation than the previous one?


Despite the troublesome past including a multi-logging scandal with their former leader, it seems that Da Best is stepping up to repair the army’s reputation and get more involved with the community. With a promising revival event to kick off the new generation of Mercenaries, things may be looking up for the army. Do you think the Mercenaries will come on top?

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