TCP-RPF War Decreed Valid: Breaking Down The Arguments For & Against

The Templars-Rebel Penguin Federation conflict, dubbed the ‘War of Disputed Terms’, has been decreed valid. Club Penguin Armies goes inside the board meeting to break down the arguments for and against, and to exclusively reveal the voting saga that led to this result.

It has been three days since the Templars declared war on the Rebel Penguin Federation – a war that had been brewing since their last altercation in December 2021 and has only just become feasible with the launch of the united Club Penguin Armies map. This declaration was quickly countered by the Rebel leadership, who stated the Templars had broken their own terms by transferring servers after the declaration was issued. However, this was dismissed by the Templars, who provided time-stamped evidence of the Discord messages in question being sent 20 seconds apart. Unsure of the Rebel’s position following the Templars rebuttal, the administration reached out to their leadership for clarity.


Breaking Down the Arguments For & Against

Rebel Commander F6sixer made it clear that the Rebels were standing by their belief that the Templars had broken their own terms. He had two arguments to defend his position on the issue:

  • The Templars declaration of war post was published at 2:41:07 EST, and considering it takes several seconds for the post to be published from the moment one presses the publish button, the post was in fact published before the Templars accepted the transfer.
  • Regardless of the first argument, the Templars post included the following statement: “This declaration goes into effect as soon as the CPA League’s draft is over.” The draft concluded at 2:35 pm EST, which was 6 minutes before the transfers occurred and therefore the Templars broke their own terms by transferring servers after the declaration of war.

With the validity of the war disputed and both sides sticking firmly to their arguments, the issue was taken to the Army League Board, which has been set up to vote on all league and map issues after thorough discussion. An urgent army league board meeting was held on Monday, July 18th at 5:00 pm EST.

At the meeting, both leaderships put forward their cases. Templars leader Xing responded to the Rebel’s argument regarding the wording of their war declaration post by saying “there still remains the possibility that the post was published after the servers were transferred. This is a grey area that cannot be proven on RPF’s side.” In response to the Rebel’s second argument, Xing said the following:

To counteract and refute this statement, we shall look a few lines before this, to the very first line of the war declaration. Within the very first line of the war declaration it was stipulated that, “The Templars of Club Penguin hereby declares war on the Rebel Penguin Federation.” Examining this sentence, we can see that this is stated within the present tense. The word “hereby” and “declares” both stipulate a war being declared within the present. It can also be stated that a war cannot be declared in the past. A war being declared in the past is almost metaphysically impossible.

However, RPF leader Link3000 firmly pushed back against this argument, stating that even if the post was published after the server transfers, the war clause “clearly states that the war would go into effect as soon as the CPA League’s draft is over”. This occurred at 2:35 pm EST, 6 minutes before the servers were transferred and “hence breaks the 1st term.”

It appeared that the point of contention was in regards to when exactly the official declaration of war happened. Was it when the Templars pinged their post in the #invasion-scheduling Discord channel to inform the RPF leadership? Was it when the Templars published their post? Or was it when the server draft concluded, as the Templars wording stipulated in their post?

The vote on whether the Templars broke their own terms, and therefore if the war is valid or not, was launched as the board meeting ended.


Vote Result: The War Will Go Ahead

The vote concluded at 6:30 pm EST on Tuesday, resulting in an even split from the army board. With no majority decision reached, it was then voted the administration should make the decision on behalf of the board. This is the process that was established at the set-up of the Club Penguin Armies league system

24 hours later, the administration announced its decision. They unanimously ruled in favour of option one: “The Templars did not break their terms and the war is valid”. Therefore, the Templars and Rebel Penguin Federation will go to war.

The vote regarding the grace period for free-land map invasions was finalised Tuesday. The majority decision concluded that it shall last for 8 days, which means this ‘War of Disputed Terms’ between the Rebels and Templars cannot officially begin on the battlefield until after Thursday, July 28th, at midday EST.

Club Penguin Armies will of course be providing you with full coverage of the war that promises to be the major conflict of Summer 2022.

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  1. AhsokaTano24 July 20, 2022 (11:34 pm)

    Thank you Max! For proving that TCP’s declaration of war was valid and didn’t break any terms!!

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