Sweater Joins Ninjas Leadership Following Low-key SWAT Departure

Shortly following his retirement from the Special Weapons and Tactics, Sweater re-emerged to lead the Ninjas. His move from advisor to Sensei makes him the fourth leader.

On July 16, Pandor announced the induction of the Ninja‘s fourth Sensei: Sweater. Sweater made the switch to leader after advising since before their revival. Their revival earlier this month hasn’t been without consequence; the Water Vikings and Secret Service accused the Ninjas of troop stealing. However, their return has been triumphant regardless of the controversy, and Sweater looks to capitalize on that success for Beach Brawl next weekend.

Sweater Ninjas

Pandor announcing Sweater’s promotion

Sweater arrived on the army scene in 2013 and has made his mark in numerous armies. He made leadership stops in the Special Weapons and Tactics and Fire Warriors along the way. After the dramatic closure of the Fire Warriors earlier this year, Sweater rebranded them to the Ninjas, intending to revive. At the time, Sweater mentioned that preparations included troop stealing from the Secret Service.

However, those plans were put on hold when he rejoined the Special Weapons and Tactics leadership team on May 31. Less than a month later, he resigned after exchanging a war of words about the emerging Club Penguin Armies league. His controversial departure from the SWAT was ranked fourth in the Top Five Moments of June 2022.

Ninjas event

A recent Ninjas event

In response to his promotion, Sweater has stated that he “cannot wait to work with Misty, Revan and Pandor” when interviewed by CPA reporters. Keen to find out more, we spoke with the Ninjas leadership, who issued a joint statement:

When we first planned to revive Ninjas we told Sweater as a courtesy since he had already tried to to revive the army and he immediately offered any support he could from giving us his Ninjas server, shouting out our new server and giving us his website already fitted with CSS and a domain. So of course when he came to us asking to be a leader we felt it would only be right if we said yes since he had already helped so much without being asked or ever needing to. We look forward to working with Sweater as we now push towards growing ourselves into a safe, welcoming and prosperous army and winning the upcoming Beach Brawl.

As the Beach Brawl approaches, expect Sweater to make waves with the Ninjas. He has always brought excitement to whichever army he leads, which will undoubtedly continue as the summer’s tournaments begin. We wish the Ninjas the best of luck in Beach Brawl and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them.

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