Ivy Departs Magma Clan Leadership Due to ”Real Life Responsibilities”

Lukey has publicly announced Ivy’s retirement from the Magma Clan leadership. Despite Ivy’s recent comeback to the Magma Clan, her retirement has been made official once more, with the army wishing the best for her.

Ivy made her entrance into the army community in January 2020. While first joining the Tree Cult and reaching one of the higher ranks, Ivy went on to join the Redemption Force, eventually climbing up to leadership. Following a stay in the Ice Warriors as Third in Command, Ivy founded the Skateboarders, which later became the Trojans. After the Trojans shut down, Ivy went on a hiatus, returning by June 2022 as a Leader in Training in the Magma Clan. On June 28, Ivy received a promotion to the rank of Admiral, leading the army along with Lukey.

Magma Clan during a recent event

Not long after Ivy’s ascension to leadership, she silently retired from her duties. However, this decision had not been addressed until just two days ago, with Lukey posting a public statement on the Magma Clan’s announcements channel. The message states that Ivy’s departure occurred due to real-life circumstances that prevent her from retaining her activity as a leader. Additionally, Lukey encourages everyone to wish the best for Ivy. The statement does not mention whether Ivy will be making yet another return to the army.

Ivy retirement from Magma Clan

Lukey announces Ivy’s retirement

In order to find out more about the army’s future following this departure, Club Penguin Armies reached out to Magma Clan Admiral Lukey for an interview.

With Ivy departing, what is next for the Magma Clan?

More wars and more fun. Maybe in around a months time we become major too.

Does the Magma Clan staff team expect difficulties following Ivy’s retirement?

Yeah, we originally did but all is good now. I think we’ll be set for the future as some of the staff team has stepped up.

Do you believe that Ivy will return to leadership eventually?

Who knows, I do know one thing though which is that she’ll be back in CPA in some form or another.

Thank you for your time! Would you like to add anything else?

Yes, I want to add that Magma Clan’s average testosterone levels are through the roof so please join.

Clearly, Ivy’s retirement does not seem to be a setback for the Magma Clan, which remains optimistic and determined to take on any challenge. We wish Ivy the best of luck in her future endeavors. Will the army stay strong and continue rising in spite of this? Will we see Ivy back in the army in the future?

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