Mercs Rebrand to Revolutionaries With Bull Back as Leader

The Mercs have rebranded to the Revolutionaries and Bull Hour is back to being a leader once again! What was the reason behind this revamp? How will the army be different from the Mercs, and what are some of their plans? What can we expect from Bull Hour this time?

On June 29, the Mercs decided to go through a revamp of the army. They are now known as the Revolutionaries of Club Penguin and have Bull Hour back to leading the army. Mac, who was the last leader of Mercs, has voluntarily stepped down to the position of second-in-command of the Revolutionaries. The army has its opening event scheduled for Wednesday, July 6, and aims to get a size of 20+ people online for it. 

Bull Hour announcing the revamp of the army

The Revolutionaries were created on June 29, 2022, by Bull Hour. The new army is a rework of the Mercs (previously known as the Mercenaries, created by Zemerick/Midnight). During their time as Mercs, the army was involved in two different wars, which saw them go against the Red Ravagers and then the Magma Clan. While they signed a peace treaty with the Red Ravagers, the Mercs surrendered to the Magma Clan as they were accused of multilogging.

They also took part in the New Year Bonanza, hosted by Club Penguin Army Headquarters. Mercs went through several leadership changes. After Bull Hour retired, Mac was inducted as the new Commander-in-Chief of the army, giving rise to a new era for the army. 

The Mercs — now the Revolutionaries — in a recent event

Midnight, the creator of the original army, agreed to give us a statement about why he had asked the army to change its name, and his experience in the army:

I wasn’t given admin perms in my own army. The members were usually hostile toward me and three days before I shut down the army, I had like 4 arguments in the server. Then like the next day or the day after, people were saying stuff about bull, things like he was giving off prior vibes and that he was dating someone underaged (false) and that cpahq should investigate mercenaries. We’ve had many problems since he kicked me out the army in March, and they would just continue. I decided to ask him to change the name and decided to restart the Mercenaries.

Club Penguin Armies also had the opportunity to talk to Bull Hour, the leader of the Revolutionaries, and learn more about the rebranding of the army.


Interview Section


Why did the army go through a revamp?

The Creator of Mercenaries, Midnight, didn’t want us to use the name – Mercenaries. Respecting his wish, we decided to rebrand, so we changed it to Mercs as we didn’t have enough time to rebrand. And now we are here, completely rebranded.

Why did you decide to brand the army’s name as Revolutionaries?

Oh well, the name selection was not done by me solely. I and friends discussed plenty of names but Rev-Revolutionaries was the best we could get.
Viva revolucion!

What plans do you have for the Revs?

To be #1Army.

How will the Revs be different from the Mercs?

We won’t be having creator issues in the Revolutionaries, we have upgraded the army by opening the game divisions and have enabled good relations with some other armies in the community.


Bull Hour seems to be resolute in making the army achieve the first position. We wish him and the Revolutionaries all the best in their future endeavours. How do you think the army will perform in the future? What kind of an impact will they have on the community?

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  1. EllieAmidala July 4, 2022 (6:12 pm)

    May I remind you that they are still at war with the Templars.

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