Burning Bright: Ivy Joins Magma Clan Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A day back, the Magma Clan witnessed a new leader joining the leadership of the army, Ivy. What led to this promotion? What has Ivy got in store for the army, and how will this impact the future of the army? 

On June 28th, Ivy was promoted to the position of Admiral (Leader) of the Magma Clan. She made an official announcement about the same, in the army’s discord server stating that she would be joining Lukey, and working alongside him as the Head of Operations, of the army. When Magma Clan revived this month on the 12th, Ivy started off in the army as a Leader in Training. Just after two weeks, she has been inducted as a Leader of the army. We cannot wait to see how the army will perform under her and Lukey’s leadership.

Ivy making an announcement about her promotion.

Ivy, or ot_ter, joined the army community back in January 2020. Her first army was The Tree Cult where she remained a member of higher command until April 2020. She joined the Redemption Force in the month of March and was quickly able to reach the position of Second in Command before being promoted to leader. After leaving the Redemption Force, she enlisted in Ice Warriors for a brief period of time, as a Third in Command.
Ivy then went on to create the Skateboarders, along with Legoman, and it was in their second generation, that the army rebranded to the Trojans, with Ivy leading the army once again. After the Trojans shut down, pertaining to the month of December, last year, Ivy decided to take a short break from the armies. June 2022, saw her return once again to the community as a Leader in Training of the Magma Clan.

A recent event of the Magma Clan.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters had the opportunity to talk to Ivy, and know her thoughts on the promotion.

How does it feel to be a leader?

honestly feels great. I’m working with a lot of really great people (shoutout Nathan, smithy, soldier & raticide) who are all focused on bringing Magma Clan to the top. I know for sure that we can accomplish whatever we want if we stick to our current level of work.

What are your future plans for the army?

I’m definitely planning on continuing to build a strong internal community. I want every single troop to know that they’re a part of something bigger than a ‘gaming server’. I’m aiming to create a strong sense of brotherhood in Magma Clan, and give these kids a home away from home—which we’ve already been working on for the past few weeks.

You started off as a leader in training after the army’s revival. Have you had any learning experiences that you would like to incorporate within the army?

yes absolutely! this is something that I should’ve learned a while ago, but better late than never I guess LOL. I’ve started focusing less on my own individual performance in the army, and more on the army’s overall performance. it doesn’t matter how many recruits I get in an hour if I’m not working with the rest of the HCOM team to help the new troops become active Magma Clan soldiers. we work out internal issues as a group because we know that keeping things quiet will destroy the army from within. it’s us against every other army, not us against us.

Can you share a favorite memory or memories of the army?

that time when we all worked together from 11 am to 11 pm est gathering evidence to expose mercs for multilogging. the whole process was insane and every HCOM member played a huge role in it. also literally anytime bschar’s streamed himself recruiting on Omegle or at his local mall.

If there is one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would that be?

mostly just being able to do more for the army, and working more closely with all our amazing advisors. bschar specifically has been helping me become a better leader every day, I’m glad I have this opportunity to meet and learn from so many unique individuals.

Where do you see this army going, in the future?

if we continue what we’re doing now, I can seriously see us becoming a major army in the future. we’ve all agreed that no goal is too high for us to reach.
It seems like Ivy is all in and determined to make the army reach greater heights in their second generation. It is always exciting to see a new leader get promoted in an army. We wish Ivy, and the Magma Clan, the very best in all their future endeavors.

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