Bull Hour Announces Retirement & “New Era” For Mercenaries; Mac Promoted to Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A day back, the Mercenaries witnessed a change in leadership, as Bull Hour stepped down, and Mac was inducted as the new Leader of the army. What led to these events? How will this impact the future of the army?

Yesterday, Bull Hour retired from his position of Leader at Mercenaries. Subsequently, he inducted Mac as the new Commander in Chief of the army. Bull made an official announcement in the army’s discord server mentioning that he would be departing for the time being, due to some real-life responsibilities, but would return to the army in the future. He also stated the hard work and the countless hours that Mac had put into the army, inaugurating a New Era, under her leadership.

Bull announcing his retirement, and inducting Mac as the new Leader.

Bull Hour joined the army community in the year of 2012. He is known to have created the Tiger Warriors and has served as a Leader and a member of HCOM in many armies. He has led armies like the Federation Fear Republic and United Red Army. Apart from this, he has been a part of armies like the Hawks, Green Mercenaries, and the Smart Penguins as a Second in Command, and has also served the Golds and the Rebel Penguin Federation, as a Third in Command, and Fourth in Command respectively.
Mac joined the army community by enlisting as a troop in the Tiger Warriors, pertaining to last year (2021). Mac wasn’t as active in the army, as she was still getting to know about how armies function and the community at large.
On January 8th, when the Mercenaries opened, the army was led by Bull Hour and Zemerick (Midnight) with Mac as the army’s Second in Command. Mac has been there for the Mercenaries, since the army’s inception, and was serving the army as a Leader in Training, before her promotion to Leader.

A recent Mercenaries Event.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters had the opportunity to talk to both Bull Hour, and Mac about their thoughts about this New Era of Mercenaries, and to know more about Bull’s retirement and Mac’s induction.

What is the reason behind your retirement?

Bull Hour: Yeah as I said in the message, I will be busy for some time.
Due to IRL things.
But I will come back soon.
I do have some plans which can’t be disclosed now.

Do you think you were able to execute all that you had planned for the army then, during your time?

Bull Hour: Well my plans were long term and I guess it will take time to come into effect.
We are still working on it.

What kind of an impact do you think your retirement will have on the army at large?

Bull Hour: This retirement isn’t a disappearance. and I hope mercs will continue to grow as it is going now.

Any final words you would like to say to the army?

Bull Hour: Fight for the right.



How does it feel to be a Leader?

Mac: It’s for the first time that I’m becoming a leader in CPA and I feel honored to be one. I am getting more responsibilities than I got when I was LiT and I’m really glad that I’m getting an opportunity to fulfill them and learn more than I have learned as a Leader in Training.

What are your future plans for the army as a leader?

Mac: As a leader I’m focusing on the growth of Mercs, training our troops, and making it a better and enhanced army.

Given that you have been a Leader in Training in the army for a while – what are some of the learning experiences you have had that you would like to incorporate within the army as a leader?

Mac: When I was a LiT, I had interactions with a few CPA leaders & legends….that’s when I got opinions on stuff happening within the community, I learned from them and corrected my mistakes and of course, I got some ideas in my mind to implement in the army for amplifying it.

Can you tell me your favorite memory/memories of the army, if it’s not too personal?

Mac: It has been great fun during many of our events! while pointing out a single favorite memory I would say, one of our dedicated troops had led two of our events and it really amused our troops and staff who attended.

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would it be?

Mac: As a leader, I’m looking forward to meeting and interacting with new recruits, maintaining a better connection with the troops, and enabling finer cooperation with our staff & HCOMs.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

Mac: I believe that Mercs can grow into major in the future as we do have better plans for our growth.


With Bull retiring, it seems that he has left the army in good hands as Mac seems to have a lot of plans for the army and is determined to make the army reach greater heights. We wish Bull Hour, Mac, and the Mercenaries, the best in all of their future endeavors!

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