“Hard work is rewarding” Says Newly Promoted Templars Leader Cabin

JERUSALEM, Templars Empire – After having broken the Top Ten Record, the Gold reigns on, as a new Grand Prior joins the leadership of the Templars. What led to this promotion? What can we expect from the new leader and the army in the future?

On June 6th, the Templars witnessed the arrival of a new Grand Prior to their army, Cabin. With a new leader being inducted – new possibilities and opportunities arise for the army, and it will only be interesting to see what Cabin brings to the table.

Cabin as the newest Grand Prior.

Cabin joined the army community in 2014, by being enlisted in the Golden Troops. In the People’s Imperial Confederation, Cabin was made the President of the Congress of Soviets, a high governing body within the army, and was given the status of Legend, due to his hard work and dedication to the army. He joined the Templars on February 20, 2022, as a National Chancellor (Third in Command), and has recruited over 1,500 people to the army, already.

A recent Templars event.

CPAHQ reached out to Cabin, to know more about how he felt about the promotion, and what were his future plans for the army.

First of all congrats on joining the leadership team over at the Templars. What are your future plans within the army?

To maintain our #1 spot and continue being the strongest war army in the community, we must recruit and register heavily daily. We are not going to sit around and let our numbers drop like some armies have. If you will something enough, you might just get it. We are an army that wills growth, therefore look how far we have come over the past year. Anyway, I plan on recruiting and registering as much as I can myself, but I also plan on being a mentor to staff members who are not very knowledgeable in either job.

Were you surprised with gaining a leadership role or was it planned?

Xing made me aware that I would be joining the leadership sometime soon, but his decision to promote me on the day, hour, minute, and second that he did was purely unscheduled.

Finally, with recruiting becoming harder and harder how do you plan to retain the troops that are being recruited?

No army with a server size comparable to ours will retain every troop. Anyway, communicating with as many troops as possible seems to be a good retention strategy. When people leave our server, we put our back into recruiting new troops to take their place. The will to work hard is one of the greatest and most important values of our army. I would have to say that our hard work has paid off thus far, but our hard work is unfinished. Hard work is rewarding, but its benefits do not last long if you choose to stop working hard.


Cabin seems to have a lot of plans for the army, a main one being recruiting, and is determined to make the army reaches greater heights. We wish him and the Templars, the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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