Top 5 Moments From May 2022

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the fifth month of 2022 now over, the CP Army HQ staff team are excited to present the Top 5 Moments from May.

The CP Army HQ staff team recently held an internal vote to decide what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from May 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Link3000 Inaugurated as Rebel Penguin Federation Leader

Written by: Comedy

A new month meant a new generation for the Rebel Penguin Federation. On May 8th, for the first time in over a year, the Rebels would gain a third leader. In an impassioned announcement from Elexonck, Link3000 was named the 113th Rebel Commander. Their loyalty, fairness, and demonstrated leadership ability made the promotion a long time coming. Although Link’s leadership just began, the Rebels are excited to see what the future holds.

Link3000 Rebel Penguin Federation Promotion


4. The Mercenaries War Saga: Broken Terms, Admin Intervention & Leader Departure

Written by: Mchappy

One of the biggest conflicts in May was the war between Mercenaries and Red Ravagers. This declaration was published alongside three invasions of the Ravager’s nation, and no explanation for why they were initiating the conflict. The situation took a turn when the CP Army HQ administration invalidated the Mercenaries third invasion, of the server Chadden Milk Farm, due to the map rules only allowing for two invasions to be scheduled at a given time.

Suddenly, the Templars were embroiled in the conflict after releasing a post directed toward Mercenaries, calling them an “iconic irrelevant army.” He also cited the Mercenaries had banned members of the Templars from their Discord server and accused the army of cheating. Despite seemingly coming to the help of the Red Ravagers, neither army was able to schedule invasions due to Mercenaries not yet holding land.

After the first battle, controversy soon took place. Immediately after the battle result was announced, the Mercenaries leadership released their recently invaded server as free land. Then army legend Mchappy shared information in the CP Army HQ general chat that the Mercenaries had in fact broken their own battle terms at the invasion. The term in question was the ‘no dual enlists”, with Mercenaries member Ninja Leader attending while also being enlisted in two other armies: the Ice Warriors and Medieval Warriors. The evidence presented no doubt shows that the Mercenaries have broken their own battle terms, and because of this, the league administration has stepped in to invalidate the battle. The Mercenaries victory has been withdrawn and the server Bidet Land remains under the control of the Red Ravagers.

Soon afterwards, Toxic Storm retired from their position as leader of Mercenaries. Mercenaries went ahead and cancelled their remaining invasions. Eventually, peace was able to be reached between the two armies without Red Ravagers ever having to lift their fingers.


3. Secret Service Hit By Discord Defacement

Written by: Disha

On May 12th, the Secret Service witnessed a catastrophe as the army’s main server suffered a major defacement. The culprit was found to be a former Leader-in-Training who went by the name Dark Lexicon or Sylvestor Longhart. Due to his inactivity, Dark Lexicon had received a lot of warnings and was about to get demoted from his position. What followed was an act of long-planned revenge by him that affected the army’s discord server drastically.

As he was one of the administrators of the server, Dark Lexicon instructed a bot to deface the server, after inviting multiple alt-accounts and adding the administrative permissions to them, so that the process was easier for him to carry out. The Secret Service leadership stated every channel was deleted by the bot, alongside the server integrations and emotes, leaving them with nothing but a blank server. It was certainly difficult for the army to recover from this mess, but the Agents were able to bounce back just the next day.


2. Silver Empire Announce Closure

Written by: Spotty

On May 22nd, shortly after celebrating their second anniversary, Silver Empire leader Holly sent shockwaves around the community as she announced plans for the closure of the army. It was later revealed that the closure was planned due to the staff just not having the time for armies anymore. Six days later on May 28th, the Empire officially shut their doors, signalling the end of their first generation, as they began transmitting into a hangout/gaming server, where they planned to focus more on their community.


1. SWAT Investigated For “Use of CPForever For Unethical Size Gain”

Written by: Max

In the final days of May, the Special Weapons and Tactics were criticised in a CPAHQ Special Report for their use of the private server CP Forever in order to boost sizes at events by a significant amount.  The SWAT leadership pinged the CP Forever Discord server multiple times for people to log on for a ‘giveaway event’ that was in fact a SWAT training session. The announcements channel of CP Forever details messages from Legoman, and the promise of “free items, 5,000 coins and up to three nitro giveaways” if CPF players attend the SWAT event. The training event itself saw pop-ups encouraging players to execute the different tactics and formations and if players did not get into the SWAT uniform, they were informed they would be removed from the server.

In response, the CP Army HQ and CP Army Network Top Ten teams implemented a joint regulation. This stated that any event that is hosted by a CPPS will not count at all in the Top Ten calculations. The Special Weapons hit back at the CP Army HQ for their coverage and published a response statement on their own website to defend themselves.


Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of May has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into the sixth month of the year, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?


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