CPAHQ Statement: Shaking Up The Hierarchy

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Headquarters- Summertime is rapidly approaching the army community as CPAHQ prepares to enter a new era.

Over the course of the past month or so, we have had multiple departures within the hierarchy of CPAHQ.

First and foremost, we bid farewell to our former Director in Chief Sidie9. We also saw the departures of former Editors in Chief Myth and Pranav. Concurrently, longtime administrators Kingfunks4 and Superhero123 have both announced their intentions to scale back activity and, consequently, their role in the administration.

All of this has led the existing brain trust of CPAHQ to brainstorm a new rank hierarchy, alongside some new staff members.

Director in Chief: DMT 

Vice Director: Crazzy, Max, Spotty

Editor in Chief: Disha 

Associate Producer: Comedy, Mchappy

Engineer: Superhero123

It was decided to absolve the Associate Director position. This is because the amount of administrators we currently have does not require a 3rd role. Secondly, we are proud to announce that Crazzy has officially joined the rankings. Crazzy has served as an administrator and Head Moderator for over a year now and has increasingly ramped up her activity, expressing a desire to help CPAHQ further. With this promotion, Crazzy will still hold her title as Head Moderator. As she joins the higher rankings of CPAHQ, we bid farewell to Superhero as an administrator.  However, he will still remain as an Engineer, helping the organization with technical affairs such as website maintenance.

Thank you for the administrative opportunity, and I hope we can continue to grow HQ as the summer arrives!

-Crazzy, CPAHQ Vice Director


As many of you have already probably noticed I am way less active in CPA in 2022 and especially post my Easter holidays. Truth is, irl obligations have long made me unable to properly exercise my duties as CPAHQ admin. Therefore, I will be stepping down from my Administrator position, effective immediately.

Having being involved with this website since its inception, and despite the mistakes that have happened, I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished. Whether or not CPAHQ is the most successful army news organization of the CPPS era is of course up for debate, but we achieved two things I am extremely proud of and wish to keep being the case following my departure:

1) CPAHQ always acted independent of biases and pressure from the major armies, always taking decisions with the motive being benefiting the wider community. Whether or not those decisions were correct is up for you all to judge, but the motive has always been benefiting the post-quarantine CPA community.

2) The post quality is objectively very good, the best out of any army news website following CPAC’s closure. I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed to this (Reporters, Editors, Historians, Philosophers etc)

For the time being I will stay as an Admin on CPAB and I hope to find the time to improve it significantly during my summer holidays, since it has performance issues in major army battles. I will also still do the limited developer work needed to keep the CPAHQ website running and I may drop a post every 6 months or so (:P), but I won’t be exercising admin duties/decisions anymore.

I want to thank everyone involved in my journey in CPAHQ, it really has been an amazing experience. My wish for the future is for armies to be united under one roof again, because this is the only way this community can flourish again.

Love you all.

-Superhero123, CPAHQ Engineer and Former Administrator

Going down the line, we are proud to announce that Disha has been promoted to Editor in Chief.  Disha has been a vital part of CPAHQ’s editing team, holding the title of Column Manager alongside always being available to edit posts of all varieties.  With this promotion, we are concurrently announcing the folding of the Columns department at CPAHQ.  This was not an easy decision to make, but we felt that the community interest in columns has been too low to justify allocating our talent to prioritize columns.

Also, to promote an inner-organizational sense of recognition, we have renamed the blanket Editor position to the Associate Producer position, naming Comedy and Mchappy as our organizations first-ever Associate Producers.  Comedy has also been a longstanding member of the editing team, making her an obvious choice.  Mchappy on the other hand has demonstrated a high skill level in his brief time here at CPAHQ and has expressed a desire to utilize those skills.

We would also like to announce that we are introducing the Reporter in Training role to CPAHQ.  Our hope for this role is to entice aspiring writers into joining our ranks and receiving specialized feedback to hone their skills before becoming full-time Reporters.

In all, we are excited to dive into summer headfirst with this revitalized organizational hierarchy.  With the season just on the horizon, make sure to stay tuned to all official CPAHQ channels to see the highly anticipated Summer 2022 Roadmap when it is released!  We cannot wait to share with you all of the fun we have in store for what is sure to be a summer to remember.


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