CPAHQ Special Report: Investigating SWAT’s Abuse of CPForever For Unethical Size Gain

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – In this CPAHQ Special Report, we take a look into the Special Weapons and Tactics abuse of the private server CP Forever to unethically boost their sizes by 300%. Our investigation uncovers shocking results and has led to a joint response from the CP Army HQ and CP Army Network administration.

Update from May 29th @ 4pm EST: CPF Administrator Sahmyool has reached out following our CPAHQ Special Report yesterday. He has said the following:

“This was simply a decision taken directly by LEGOMAN and did not respect the wishes of other CPF administrators, who told Lego not to promote army events in CPF, as CPF is not an army cpps, like CPAB. This will most definitely not happen on CPF in the future.”

This is despite other administrators appearing to support it at the time, with Cairo linking the SWAT Discord invite in general chat multiple times. Could there be a divide behind the scenes of the CP Forever team? 

Original article:

The Special Weapons and Tactics returned to the army community just over a week ago, hosting their comeback event on CP Army Battleground on May 18th with a peak size of 22 penguins. This was followed by a training event two days later on the same platform, at which they reached a top size of 16 penguins.

24 hours later, on May 21st, the army decided to switch platform to CP Forever – a private server that is owned and run by SWAT leader Legoman. Their first event here witnessed a size increase of 300%, with the army now hitting a top size of 45 penguins. Legoman is of course famed for being a leader of the most recent generation of the Night Warriors, which shut after being hit by significant multilogging allegations.

The most recent SWAT event on May 28th, however, saw the SWAT leadership ping the CP Forever Discord server multiple times for people to log on for a ‘giveaway event’ that was in fact a SWAT training session. The announcements channel of CP Forever details messages from Legoman, and the promise of “free items, 5,000 coins and up to three nitro giveaways” if players attend the SWAT event.

The training event itself saw pop-ups encouraging players to execute the different tactics and formations. Shockingly, if players did not get into the SWAT uniform, they were informed they would be removed from the server. SWAT reached a total size of 68 penguins online, and despite not reaching the 80 penguins needed for the nitro giveaway, still gave away three nitro’s on the CP Forever Discord. Some of the casual players seemed to be uncomfortable with needing to join the SWAT Discord server in order to receive their in-game coins.

The CP Army HQ and CP Army Network Top Ten teams have implemented a joint regulation in response to this unethical abuse of power. Director-in-Chief DMT has issued the following statement on behalf of the CP Army HQ:

I had the pleasure of attending the SWAT event that took place on May 28th, 2022 at 4 PM EST. Immediately upon logging on I had to navigate moderator popups that were feeding tactics to attendees. After making my way to the Berg, I was promptly given a 10-year ban. This could be the fact that my username was ‘thiscppssux’, but after making a second account and returning to the berg, ‘innocentguy’ was instantly kicked for not wearing the SWAT uniform. By the time I logged back on, the army was in the Cove, where I went on to ask the moderators why I kept getting kicked, which I was told (by a moderator popup) that I must wear the SWAT uniform. Thus, I joined the masses.

It is completely safe to say that this is a gross abuse of power by Legoman, an administrator of Club Penguin Forever and Commander of SWAT. Eerily reminiscent of the days of Club Penguin Online armies, Legoman used his status as an admin of CPF to falsely inflate SWATs sizes by virtue of promising in-game currency and Discord Nitro. Furthermore, the event was- quite literally- hosted by the CPPS, as it was shown to all members of the CPF server using the Discord Events feature for community servers. The giveaway was also hosted in the CPF server alongside a dedicated event VC. It is another case of a shady figure in our community attempting to cheat the system in his seemingly endless quest to be labelled as an ‘army legend’. This chicanery will not be tolerated by the community.

In conjunction with Club Penguin Army Network, we are announcing that any event that is hosted by a CPPS will not count in the Top Ten. This includes events that:

– Are posted in the CPPS Discord server
– Are hosted/led in the CPPS Discord server
– Offer in game currency for attendees
– Have CPPS administrators offer items such as Discord Nitro for attendees Any attempts to find loopholes around this new rule can and will result in a complete ban of the associated CPPS.

With this new Top Ten regulation going into effect immediately, the Special Weapons and Tactics will not be featured in tomorrow’s edition of the Top Ten Armies. There is no doubt about their unethical use of the CP Forever platform to unfairly boost their sizes, and it will surely be met with distaste from other armies in the community that continue to operate within the respected ethical guidelines. Will SWAT continue to use CP Forever, or will they revert back to CP Army Battleground? 


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4 Responses

  1. Keygater May 29, 2022 (12:15 am)

    Wow swat do be cheating

  2. Dino May 29, 2022 (12:16 am)

    Even CPO didn’t go to the lengths of doing pop-ups and kicking users off because they didn’t take part in an army, Jesus. I’ve always been a critic of this “CPO-esque army welfare”.

    CPO I feel though actually encouraged some competition and (as much as I hate to admit as a CPR army person) actually gave armies life again.

    CPForever picked up from where CPO left off yet somehow made it grossly worse.

    I commend CPAHQ-CPAN for this decision and as always great post, Max. Cheers.

  3. sahmyool May 29, 2022 (4:08 pm)

    This was simply a decision taken directly by LEGOMAN and did not respect the wishes of other CPF administrators, who told Lego not to promote army events in CPF, as CPF is not an army cpps, like CPAB. This will most definitely not happen on CPF in the future.

  4. Fulcrum23 May 29, 2022 (8:03 pm)

    SWAT is so busted! Even though I told Ganger to promise me that he would never ever multilog on CPF!

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