Back In Blue: Guncotton Returns To Water Vikings Leadership

NEW FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – Recently, the Water Vikings witnessed the return of one of their old leaders, Guncotton, to the leadership of the army, once again. What was the reason behind his return? What does this hold for the future of the army?

After having retired last year, Guncotton decided to come back as a leader of the Water Vikings. On May 14th, he made an official announcement in the army’s discord server stating that he would be rejoining the Water Vikings, once again as the Viking Commander.

Guncotton’s announcement about his return.

Guncotton began his CPA journey back in July of 2013 with the Nachos of CP, under the alias of Astro75114. After leaving the Nachos, he served as a leader at both the Green Mercenaries and the Smart Penguins, and then, retired in 2014. During the years 2013 and 2014, he was also a part of armies like the Celts, and the Chaos. Guncotton returned in 2016 to lead the Green Mercenaries and Smart Penguins once more, before retiring in the same year. During the CPPS Era, Guncotton returned to the community and joined the Water Vikings in July 2020, where he eventually became leader, and then retired in April, last year.

Guncotton’s last event before he retired in 2021.

CP Army Headquarters had the opportunity to talk to Guncotton, and know more about his return to the Water Vikings.

How do you feel about returning once again to the Leadership of the army?

Feeling good, lots of new faces around who want to put in some work so I’m pretty excited to work with them.

Why did you decide to rejoin the army as a Leader?

I finished my semester a few days ago so I have a lot of free time.

What are your future plans for the army?

I can’t reveal my exact plans, but all of them aim to better the community and make it more fun for everyone little by little.

Given that you have been a leader before, what are some of the learning experiences you have had then that you would like to incorporate within the army this time?

Focus more on making the community enjoyable for your staff members and troops rather than the Top 10s, recruiting, etc. If our community is a nice place to be a part of, then all of those other things come without putting in too much extra effort.
Build your army up by implementing smaller plans rather than going big every single time.
Also, it is better to have 2 people who want to be a part of us than to have 20 who are here reluctantly. It’s not good for either party.

October 2020 Halloween week movie nights.
December 2020 new year’s party event.
Both of them may not seem very important from the army perspective but these were the two times when all of WV came together and just had a great time.

If you had to name one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would it be?

A community that is healthy and enjoyable for all our members.


Here’s a comment that he wanted to add after the interview was done:

I want to thank my staff members who decided to stay and help out during this rough patch that we’re going through. It is cause of people like you why I fell in love with the community in the first place.
Fear the wave!


With an old leader making a comeback to the army, it will certainly be interesting to see what they bring to the table. Cotton seems to have a lot of plans for the army and is determined to make the army reach greater heights. We wish him and the Water Vikings, the best of luck in all their future endeavors.

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