CPAHQ Presents: The Scavenger Challenge

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – As the community gears up for summer, the CPAHQ team is extremely excited to unveil a brand new one-day tournament: The Scavenger Challenge.

How it Works

The Scavenger Challenge is a one-day tournament that revolves around a Scavenger List.  The Scavenger List is a list of feats that can be achieved during a battle to receive extra points.  An example of what could be on the list is as follows:

  • E9 Waterfall – 2 points
  • 3-word tactics about your opponent – 5 points
  • Joke bomb – 1 point
  • Plus formation – 4 points
  • Alternating emote tactic rake – 3 points
  • Punny word tactic – 2 points

The real list will include 10 items, and a new list will be revealed in each room.  But the list is not the only thing that armies need to be concerned about.  While they attempt to cross off feats, they will be battling another army at the same time.  The list will be shared by both armies during the battle.  This means that once one army completes a feat, the other army cannot receive points for the same feat.  In addition to the points for achieving a feat, an army will receive 10 points for winning a room.  This results in armies having to decide just how much they want to prioritize the Scavenger List over winning the room.

After every battle is completed, the armies will be compiled into rankings with their point values deciding their placements.  The army with the most points across the entire event will be crowned the overall winner of The Scavenger Challenge. The winning army will receive a trophy and trophy pin for the CPA Battleground accounts of each of their members that attended the battle.


Further Information

The Scavenger Challenge will consist of eight armies.  There will be two battles at 2 PM EST and two battles at 3 PM EST, each battle consisting of three 10 minute rooms.  The tournament will take place on Sunday, May 22nd, 2022.  Each battle will see a panel of three judges, courtesy of Club Penguin Army Judges.  Armies will be paired up at the discretion of the administration.  The battles will take place on CPA Battleground, with the servers being revealed 30 minutes before the battle begins.


How to Sign Up

If you would like your army to sign up, please contact a CPAHQ administrator with the following questions answered:

  1. What army are you signing up?
  2. What time would you prefer your battle to be: 2 PM EST or 3 PM EST?*

*= CPAHQ cannot guarantee your army will get your preferred time.


We are very excited to be hosting The Scavenger Challenge in just over a week and to be bringing together the community for the first tournament since the launch of CPA Battleground. You can expect a further information post going into more detail about the event once the participating armies have been confirmed.

More Information

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