The Full Story Behind the Secret Service Discord Defacement; “Them kids are annoying as ****” Says Culprit

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just hours after the Secret Service suffered a major defacement of their Discord server, we speak exclusively to the leaders and the offender himself. But how and why did this shocking attack unfold?

In the early hours of Thursday, May 12th, the Secret Service was hit with a shocking attack from their leader-in-training, known to community members as Dark Lexicon or Sylvestor Longhart.

Conversations between our reporting team and the Secret Service administration revealed much of the story, beginning with the hiring of Sylvestor as a leader-in-training a month ago. Since joining, however, the leadership claims he has been very inactive and was on the verge of demotion, with multiple warnings regarding his activity taking place over the last few weeks.

It would appear his defacement has been weeks in the planning, as audit logs reveal he created a divider role on the server and issued it with administration permissions. He then invited several alt-accounts to the server and gave them this role, before waiting for the perfect time to enact his plan.

With newfound permissions, Sylvestor instructed a bot to deface the server. He claims he managed to “change the vanity link, steal their template, delete some roles and ban some of the soldiers of the army.” The Secret Service leadership stated every channel was deleted by the bot, alongside the server integrations and emotes. Interestingly, they dispute Sylvestor’s claim that the roles were affected. Creator Monstah/TD99 also admitted the recovery was difficult as the template synced during the attack.

The CP Army Headquarters media team has managed to speak exclusively with the defacer, Sylvestor, who told the team that he was driven by his hatred for the Secret Service establishment.

Only reason I did it was cause them kids are annoying as f***. Was always on my as* the day I joined, which made me not wanna attend even more. They argued with each other practically every day. Everyone there was annoying in general. Couldnt stand a day.

Keen to know if he regrets his decision and understands the immorality and destructive nature of his actions, our team put to him the following question:

Many in the community have said your actions are extremely damaging and immoral – with so much Secret Service history now permanently erased. How would you answer your critics?

To be honest there was no history there, something as harmless as this isn’t “extremely damaging and immoral”. This shit is discord. It was a server revolving around club penguin, idk why people take shit so seriously.

This shocking defacement of the Secret Service server has come as a complete surprise to the community and has become the current trending topic of debate. Sylvestor has declared he is now going to focus on growing a server of his own – named the ‘Watex Hangout’ – before passing on the leadership to someone else. As for the army community, he “may return in about 6 months”.

The Secret Service has now fully recovered from the attack and restored the deleted channels and other previously defaced elements of the server. But no matter the restoration, the history that has been permanently erased can never be restored and this is no doubt a blow that strikes deep. Will they be able to bounce back quickly, or will the impact of this attack affect them both on and off the battlefield?


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