Link3000 Ascends to Rebel Federation Throne

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – Following its 15th anniversary, the Rebel Penguin Federation welcomed a new leader: Link3000. Who is Link3000, and what will they bring to the Rebel leadership team?

Yesterday, May 8th, the Rebel Penguin Federation celebrated numerous accomplishments. Alongside celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Rebels announced the promotion of a new leader: Link3000. In her announcement, Elexonck, a current Rebel Commander, explained Link3000’s extraordinary leadership skills and their unwavering fairness as High Command. 

Link3000 Rebel Penguin Federation Promotion

Link3000’s promotion to Rebel Commander.

Joining in June 2020, Link made waves after their fan club jokingly demanded they earn Troop of the Week that August. A short time later, Link was promoted to Officer. Their rise through the moderator ranks was swift, becoming Third-in-Command in February 2021.

Balancing life in and out of the Federation, Link took their time in High Command, though they haven’t lacked activity. In August, the Rebels promoted Link to Second-in-Command, and they earned the title of RPF Rebel in October. Their accolades are not exclusive to the Rebel Federation; Link is also one of the Top Ten Armies Heads for CP Army Network and continues to lead their division. 

Rebel Federation

A recent Rebel Penguin Federation event.

Although Link was unable to comment at the time of publishing, a previous Troop Interview expressed excitement at the possibility of leading the Rebels one day. Their experience leading during the Rebel Summer and Winter Olympics will surely help guide them during their leadership. After further research, Link3000 did not actually order the promised Dominos Pizza for every gold medal.

However, there was a virtual pizza party to celebrate the successes of the Dominus Team. Despite leaving some Rebels hungry, CP Army Headquarters still wishes Link3000 and the Rebel Penguin Federation all the best in their future endeavours. 

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