Mayday! Fighter Pilots Close And Frostty Retires

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters  – The Fighter Pilots of Club Penguin recently announced their shutdown, as well as their main leader Frostty’s retirement from Club Penguin armies. What led to the Fighter Pilots’ shutdown?

The Fighter Pilots are an S/M army that was founded in May 2020, by Semi, Ana, and Jenn. The Pilots had quite a successful generation, with many allies, including the Beep Beep Alliance. An article about the Beep Beep Alliance can be read here. The first generation of the Fighter Pilots eventually ended in January 2021, after the drama with Club Penguin Army Hub. After over a year of inactivity, the Fighter Pilots revived, on February 5, 2022. They were able to max 19 at their revival event, and have actively held events until recently.

Fight Pilots revival event on February 5th, 2022.

On May 2nd, the main leader of Fighter Pilots, Frostty, announced the Fighter Pilots shutdown. He also mentioned that his time in armies has come to an end. No significant events led up to the shutdown, leaving people to wonder why the army really did shut down!

Fighter Pilots’ main leader Frostty announcing the shutdown of the army, as well as his retirement.

Frostty joined the army community back in May 2019, by enlisting in the Pirates where he got all the way up to staff until the army had to shut down. He then joined the Ice Warriors as staff for a month, but went to Black Order as a Second in Command, eventually becoming a leader there. After this, he joined Coup Crusaders as a leader. During the Fighter Pilots’ first-generation, Frostty joined the army as a Fifth in Command and would become a leader there as well until the army closed. He was serving as a Leader during the Pilots’ second generation as well until the army announced its closure.

A recent Fighter Pilots event.

Club Penguin Army Headquarters was able to get in contact with Frostty, and ask him some questions about the shutdown.

What was the main reason behind the shutdown of Fighter Pilots?

honestly im not available to be doing armies no more. My co lead kelsey is also the same we have become very busy and it was more like bringing friends back together. We were not in it to be the best army. Just doing events with mine and kelsey schedule is getting horrible. So that’s mainly the reason.

What was your favorite memory in Fighter Pilots?

Favorite memory…hmm there’s a lot but all the battles that we did do, it’s all been fun it’s hard to choose just one honestly.

You also mentioned a retirement from armies, is this permanent or temporary?

most likely, i will be staying around for the CPAHQ staff side of things but armies probably.

What is your favorite memory in armies?

i loved the Beep beep alliance memories there’s a lot with those lovely people. All in all it’s been fun with the people that i’ve met and im glad i said yes to someone recruiting on CPO lol.


While armies come and go, memories are one thing that lasts forever. Although we are sad that the Fighter Pilots are shutting down, Club Penguin Army Headquarters thanks the Fighter Pilots for the memories they have brought to this community and wishes them, and Frostty, all luck in their future endeavors.

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