Top 5 Moments From April 2022

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the fourth month of 2022 now over, the CP Army HQ staff team are excited to present the Top 5 Moments from April.

The CP Army HQ staff team recently held an internal vote to decide what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from April 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Top Ten Suspended For 2 Weeks Amid CPPS-Drought

Written by: DMT

When Club Penguin Rewritten closed on the 13th of April, it left the administrators of Club Penguin Army Headquarters in a precarious position. With no mainline private server for armies to use, the admin team came to the difficult decision of cancelling the Top Ten indefinitely on April 17th. A staple of the community, the Top Ten has run with little interruption over the course of the last decade. In fact, the last time the Top Ten was paused was when the closure of Flash left Club Penguin Army Hub without a mainline CPPS in January of 2021. Fortunately for the community, the indefinite suspension of the Top Ten was rectified in just two weeks. The opening of Club Penguin Army Battleground- a server made by Superhero123- instantly revived events within the community.


4. Space Force Leader Ninja & Chefs Creator Memero Confess to Multilogging

Written by: Max

In mid-April, two armies were found guilty of multilogging at events in a CP Army HQ investigation. The first was the Chefs, created and led by Memero, which had already perished the month before on March 20th. After evidence surfaced, CPAHQ made contact with Memero, who confessed to multilogging up to 4 accounts at Chefs events. Space Force leader Ninja was the second to confess to multilogging after he accidentally submitted two event pictures with different penguins as the active user. He told CPAHQ AP Max that he has just multilogged one account, named Soapy, and shut down his army following the release of the report.


3. Ice Warriors Crowned Victors of March Madness VII 

Written by: Disha

The annual March Madness tournament occurred for the seventh time this year. The Ice Warriors emerged victorious on April 9th, after having battled their allies, the Help Force in the Grand Finals. The battle was characterized as one that was intense, as both the armies had almost similar sizes, and were giving it their all in every room. Eventually, the judges’ verdict was 2-0-1, crowning the Warriors as winners of March Madness VII. This is a special moment, especially for the Ice Warriors as they state they have won the March Madness Tournament for three consecutive years (including the August Sadness 2020).


2. CP Army Battleground Launches

Written by: Pranav

CP Army Battleground launched on Saturday, April 23rd, with a huge CP Army HQ hosting a community meet-up the following day. Since its launch, every army in the community seems to have started hosting events and battles on the private server, with a mass influx of new accounts registered. There have also been several bugs found and fixed, leading to an increase in servers and server capacity over the recent weeks.


1. CP Rewritten Shut Downs Following Police Intervention

Written by: Spotty

On April 13th, shockwaves hit the community as Club Penguin Rewritten Administrator, Thorn, announced an immediate shut down due to Disney. Five hours later, the game eventually closed its doors for the last time, with the City of London Police taking over the game. However, just a few hours later, a Detective confirmed to CP Mountains that three people had currently been arrested regarding the matter of Rewritten. With the future now uncertain, many other private servers began to shut down, as armies announced that they would be moving to different games, whilst the community awaited the release of CPA Battleground.
Thorn CP Rewritten closing


Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of April has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into the fifth month of the new year, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?


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