Free-Land Foray: Secret Service Initiate War on Inactive Wild Ninjas

‘SECRET SERVICE HQ’, Secret Service Empire – The Secret Service has caused a stir this week by declaring war on the reportedly-deceased Wild Ninjas, with invasions scheduled for their servers on the CP Army HQ map. Why have they initiated the war, and will the Wild Ninjas be showing up?

On April 28th, 2022, the Secret Service declared war on the Wild Ninjas. The agents issued a public post on their website but interestingly did not provide a reason for declaring war.

The Secret Service, created in October 2020, has dominated the small-medium community over the last year and recently become a major army. Their recent war conquests against the Eclipse and Chefs were extremely successful, with both armies closing soon after the war concluded.

Secret Service Wild Ninjas war

The Secret Service are no doubt hoping for similar successes this time, although many in the community have pointed out the Wild Ninjas have been inactive already for some time now, with their last event taking place several months ago at the start of the year. During this time, however, they were able to obtain some land on the CP Army HQ server map.

They currently hold two servers – Smokey and Mariobrus Face. In contrast, the Secret Service have 23 servers of its own, which was made possible after the Water Vikings recently transferred their entire nation.

CP Army HQ contacted the respective leaders of the armies involved. Secret Service leader, Pandor, responded with the comment: “Because there is free land“, making it clear that his army is driven solely by the goal of expanding their empire. Wild Ninja’s leader, Amelia, did not respond. It is unknown if she is going to revive her army to defend their land.

As of now, the Secret Service have just one invasion of the Ninja nation schedule. This is of the server ‘Smokey’, and is set for later today at 1:30 pm EST on CPA Battleground. Could the Ninjas show up in a surprise twist, or will the Secret Service claim the land with no opposition?

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