Editorial: Why Do People Multilog When It’s Condemned?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Let’s face it: we’ve all seen multi-logging happen in the community and nobody likes it. This topic has inquiries that are impossible to respond to. But many people still decide to do such an action when it’s looked down upon by the community. Why is that? What is it that makes people multi-log despite it being something to avoid?

Disclaimer: This post includes sentiments from the writer’s standpoint and may not align with CP Army Headquarters’ stance on the subject as a whole.

Armies take a long time to grow. It didn’t take one day to build Rome. There are many leaders out there that took sacrifice and hard work, pouring blood, sweat, and tears into their army just to make it more substantial. Some individuals only see their triumph, hence implying the Iceberg Illusion. This is what I see as the right way to go. Not one person says or has said, making an army and leading it was easy. “Putting in the hard work is worth it” is what they say. Underestimating the importance of putting bricks down is very easy; that’s because it’s just another brick.

The Iceberg Illusion & Why Mistakes Matter | theLLaBB

The Iceberg Illusion.

Some people don’t wish to travel that road, however. As previously cited, multi-logging isn’t new. It’s been around for years and will always be a thing one way or another. It will never be possible to fully understand why people multi-log. It will always happen regardless of how we approach it. My idea on it is that some people don’t wish to go down the Iceberg Illusion’s path. Instead, they use tactics like multi-logging to gain a temporary advantage before it’s exposed. Director-in-Chief DMT made a statement on a recent multi-logging incident that involved Space Force’s leadership admitting to multi-logging as it is stated below:


“As always, CPAHQ admonishes the actions taken by the individuals in this post. Multilogging – no matter the relevance of the army – is never ok. The confessions showed in this post clearly show that multilogging took place within both the Chefs and the Space Force. Because of this, we will be enacting a 0.6 multiplier on the Space Force for the next top ten.”


CPAHQ condemns the use of multi-logging to gain an unfair advantage as it is stated above. Unfortunately, this does not stop army leaders from using this sort of tactic. Many can argue that it is done to gain higher max sizes. This is an evident claim many can see, but it does not justify cheating. Other individuals sometimes allow their shady actions behind the scenes to get exposed in a matter of seconds. On October 11th, 2021, Head Judges Amber and Df44 were accused by the Help Force of multi-logging and judging an event at the same time, although had no proof against Amber. An official statement was released by CP Army HQ, listing a picture of two accounts logged on. For convenience, the statement can be read here.

Two accounts by Df44 present at the Invasion of Winter Land (Freeland).

The statement reveals that the two Head Judges were not fired from Headquarters but Df44 was fired from CP Army Network in response to the accusations. I do find it true that it’s a genuine betrayal of trust as a judge within both organizations. This situation also sparked a war between the Silver Empire and Help Force, as well as some major backlash to this incident, however, primarily due to Df44 not representing CPAHQ at the event. This may have occurred months ago, but it doesn’t mean any accusation made is outdated or turned obsolete.

And let’s not forget the heavy amount of multi-logging that Night Warriors occurred during their time. They stirred up a significant amount of controversy from their sizes matching the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation during their weekly events. Making headlines a month later after reaching the status of a major army, it was clear something was up. And that all happened because of one move that changed everything: switching from CP Rewritten to the private server Yukon.

Night Warriors opening event on CPR and an event on Yukon two weeks later. What happened with their sizes?

CP Army HQ was quick to launch an investigation on this suspicious rise in the end. The original post that had the event picture was soon deleted, ironically. Of course, the Night Warriors were quick to defend against the accusations, claiming that it was in satisfaction of fellow Associate Director Max who took part in the confrontation as shown below:

A screenshot that displays DFGV claiming the Night Warriors did not multi-log. Credit to Max for this screenshot taken from a previous editorial.

DFGV was extremely defensive against the accusations. Because of the 0.6 multiplier placed on events that took place on Yukon, the activity dropped to two events per week in both US/UK timezones. Something else to note is the poll that was set up on the editorial piece which can be read here. As I placed my vote on there, I noticed that 15 people anonymously voted that the Night Warriors were guilty of multi-logging while 6 others did not. Calculating the percentages shows about 71.43 (0.71 x 100) claimed the Warriors were guilty as contested by 28.51% that voted they were not. And seeing DFGV’s retirement post taking credit for “perseverance and hard work” to justify these lengths of cheating, it was more evident than ever that CP Army HQ did “prove it.”

DFGV’s retirement post. Credit to Max for obtaining a screenshot of the post.

The largest assumption made within the community is that the most influential people are the ones caught multi-logging after condemning it. Why is that? The more questions we have, the more it traces back to a previous statement: Why do people multi-log if many are against it? This question may have answers, but it won’t justify the action. It does not matter who does it, or how they do it, this form of cheating will always make itself known. The last thing an army leader would want to face is a ridiculously bigger army with a much larger max size. If the “troops” that are online don’t look suspicious, then it’s most likely a larger army that had hard work put into it. It’s not just one army in particular, nor any person. It can be anybody, but it’s never okay to do such a thing no matter whether you can or not.

Picture what things would be like if multi-logging was permitted. Of course, armies would be extremely larger than usual because there would be no slated consequences. But that means there’s no telling where the organic max size is. Furthermore, judging systems in the army league would face higher controversy while it attempts to distinguish what are “real troops” and what are multi-logging accounts. This defeats the entire purpose of judging an army based on their size, and sometimes even their speed because of multiple people controlling multiple accounts at once.

While multi-logging may never be justified, there is one approach we can look into: what benefits do people get from multi-logging? Many can agree that multi-logging allows the suspected army to gain higher max sizes. Perhaps as a method of growing faster than everybody else, bypassing the competition. But it comes with a price: the administrative movement against them when they are caught multi-logging according to evidence that implies a suspicion of this act. At the end of the day, a temporary victory is scored – extra points in the Top Ten (rest in points to that for now) – but what benefit will the army receive when the consequences for the cheating tap in? After all, you can’t obtain trophies by cheating. At most you win Top Ten points, but what are they worth if they’re falsely earned by multi-logging?


I reached out to a few army leaders to hear their takes on this topic and why they think people multi-log:


“To get on top.”

– Xing, Templars Leader


“I’m strongly against multilogging and I support the efforts being taken to expose the armies that do it. It’s cheating and the community should never turn the blind eye to multilogging proofs. In my opinion, the maxes drop in recent months while also the leagues not having access to the tools that could provide to the proofs are the reasons why armies do it these days. We also saw some small armies multilogging to meet the army registration or invasions criteria without putting the effort in recruting.”

– Wynn, Help Force Leader


“My thoughts on multilogging is that it’s definitely cheating and unfortunately something that is likely done all the time (trust me, I have experience in this as everyone knows already). But, uhh, people do it cause it’s the easiest way to give your army a boost.”

– Buddy, Water Vikings Leader


“Oh dude, I love multilogging! It was my favorite pastime up until the closure of CPR. People multilog because it’s enjoyable to see the big numbers, plus the act is so frowned upon within the community that it encourages the “troublemakers” to actually do it.”

– BoMoBuddy, Red Ravagers Leader


“Multilogging is something I’ve never really understood since it seems just so desperate. There are armies who work really hard to have active troops, high maxes, and battle wins, but fabricating size in such a way to me is just insulting those who actually put the work in. Why people do it? Shortcuts to receive praise in the community, for something that is entirely fabricated. Anybody who multilogs is just lying to themselves and the community.”

– Kally, Ice Warriors Leader


I appreciate those who took time out of their day to respond. As explained throughout the answers I received, about all of them agree that multi-logging is frowned upon. As seen above, some also claim that it undermines the hard work that others have done, therefore disrespecting them. People can say that the army community has larger problems to face than a form of cheating. But I believe I’ve certainly made a point here: Rome wasn’t built in a day. You can’t slip into the trap of underestimating by putting down another brick. In other words, you can’t just use a cheating tactic to make your army bigger. It just does more harm than good. And that leads to another thing I pinned for myself to think about:

Cheating (multi-logging) only gives me a temporary feeling of victory until the consequences sink in and my success is worth nothing because I cheated my way into getting it.

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