Weekly Army Recap [04/10/22-04/16/22]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Following the shutdown of the main private server CP Rewritten, the Top Ten Armies has been cancelled and replaced with a weekly recap of army events.

Yesterday it was announced by CP Army HQ Director-in-Chief DMT that the weekly Top Ten Armies will be cancelled until further notice. With the community’s main private server now closed permanently, we are instead bringing you a weekly recap of the army events from the last seven days. This will include Club Penguin based events, as well as other games or activities. The armies below have been listed alphabetically.

Biographies constructed by: Myth, Frostty, Monstah, Spotty & Max


Army of Club Penguin

The Army of Club Penguin held one event before CP Rewritten closed – a USA division training with 9 soldiers in attendance. Since, they have re-branded their server as the ‘Army of Box Critters’ and appear to be exploring other games during the CPPS hiatus.


Fighter Pilots

The Fighter Pilots have held no Club Penguin based events this week. They’ve kept active with an Easter Egg hunt that is still ongoing.


Help Force

The Help Force had one single Club Penguin event this week which was their ‘Glamour Bazaar’ which saw a max of 41. They spent the rest of the week hosting fun game events such as Among Us, Gartic Phone, trivias, and movie nights.


Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors managed to host two CP Rewritten events before the shutdown of the platform. The first was an EU/US division ‘March Madness Victory Parade’ event with 17 in attendance. This was followed by a max-26 Bee Takeover. To stay busy post-CPR shutdown, the Warriors hosted a Roblox Fashion show with their allies the Silver Empire. They also teamed up with the Special Weapons for a Shell Shockers game event.


Raticide Rat Army

The Raticide Rat Army registered as a small-medium army earlier this week, post the CP Rewritten shut down. They held a ‘Roblox Club Penguin’ event on Saturday with 2 members in attendance.


Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebel Penguin Federation started off the week with Operation: Bees Knees with a size of 30. This was followed by Operation: Splash of Color with 27 penguins on. The Rebels then logged on for Operation: Crushing Crusaders, which became their last Club Penguin event with 38 troops in attendance. They finished their week with Operation: Club Penguin is Kil, logging on and playing Skribbl.


Red Ravagers

The Red Ravagers held one event this week, a singular Mancala tournament, with 9 in attendance. Following the closure of CPRewritten, the Ravagers started their plans to remain open and occupy their time playing other games.


Secret Service

The Secret Service saw no Club Penguin events this week. They hosted Easter Trivia and an Easter-themed Scavenger Hunt instead to spend their week post-CPR shutdown.


Silver Empire

The Silver Empire held two events this week, starting with their Battle of the Houses which saw a size of 20, ending their Harry Potter week. The Empire then ended their week with their last Club Penguin Rewritten event with their Karaoke night, which saw 15 penguins log on.


Space Force

The Space Force held one event this week before the CPR shutdown. This was a max-5 training event on April 15th but led to a multilogging confession from leader Ninja. After a CP Army HQ report was released, the army closed.


Special Weapons and Tactics

The Special Weapons and Tactics did not host any Club Penguin based events this week. Instead, they hosted some game events including a Shellshock battle with the Ice Warriors.



The Templars began their week with an ‘Operation: Deus Vult’ event on CP Rewritten, maxing 57 soldiers. They then battled the Rebel Penguin Federation in a friendly practice event, reaching 57 penguins yet again. They told CP Army HQ they plan to recruit as much as possible during the CPPS-drought, with the aim of getting people registered for CPAB.

Water Vikings

The Water Vikings have entered a “lockdown until CPAB releases”, and had no CP Rewritten events this week. Until the launch of CPAB, they are exploring other games within their community. They have been focusing on rebranding their Discord and website, with new graphics and a fresh look to reflect the switch into a gaming server.


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