Water Vikings Leader Oreo Defects For Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Water Vikings leader Oreo has left her position within the army and taken up rank within their enemies, the Templars. Our exclusive interview with Oreo and the Water Vikings leadership reveals all.

Oreo first joined the Water Vikings back in July 2020, before earning her spot on the leadership team in April 2021. This year, her second term as a leader began just over two months ago in February. However, she has now departed from this position, defecting to the Viking’s historic enemy, the Templars, for a moderator position. Also departing alongside her is her brother, Chicc, who was ranked as third-in-command in the Water Vikings. He now holds a moderator rank in the Templars as well.

The circumstances surrounding this shocking defection have so far been kept quiet by either side. Anonymous Water Viking insiders have spoken to CP Army HQ, stating they believe Oreo is the culprit behind the internal leaks that occurred several months ago.

These infamous ‘Apollo leaks’ saw an alias named Apollo contact the Templar’s leadership with private Water Viking information and recruiting alts. The culprit was not identified, and Oreo completely denies having any involvement with this.

CP Army HQ spoke exclusively with Oreo to find out more about her shock departure and new position within the Templar’s army.

You’ve recently made the decision to leave your position as a Water Vikings leader and join the Templars. What was the reason for this?

“There were many reasons for this but it was mostly because I didn’t find WV fun anymore. They recently decided to change into more of a gaming clan, and usually, that doesn’t work out great either. I joined TCP cause of all that and I wanted to try something new.”

Did you leave on good terms with the leadership and higher command of Water Vikings? How did they take your departure, considering WV and TCP are enemies?

“Well, I didn’t really tell them I was leaving and they probably still think I’ll try to go back. I never told them that I was joining TCP either but I’m sure they didn’t take it well once they found out.”

Why did you not tell them?

“I feel like they don’t really care anyways. As I mentioned before, there are many reasons. WV just isn’t the same anymore. nothing happens honestly. There are rarely movie nights or game nights, and even when there are, nobody really participates. We struggled to even max 15 at times. It just feels like it is falling apart.”

How did the move to TCP come about? Were you in contact with a TCP leader before the switch?

“I’m friends with Xing so that’s why I chose TCP over any other army. I’m a high mod in TCP now. He did offer me a HCOM rank but I didn’t take it. 3ic I think but I didn’t take it because I don’t know how busy ill be with school and work starting tomorrow.”


We also contacted Viking leader Aaronstone to get an official statement on the situation:

“Oreo leaving WV with Chicc for Templars has saddened us all. Change is not easy for everyone and we understand it however it wasn’t even 2 hours into it and she left because of it. WV will be doing CP again upon the release of CPAB so there was no real reason to leave atleast in our minds. However leaving for TCP immediately makes you wonder about all the stuff that had been leaked to them throughout my leadership. WV will continue on as we always have and await the release of CPAB. I’m sure we’ll see Oreo and Chicc again once that happens.”

There is no doubt the circumstances surrounding Oreo’s departure from the Vikings are highly controversial, particularly after her confession that she did not inform the army she was leaving, and with new allegations that she leaked sensitive material several months ago. With the WV-TCP treaty concluding at the end of this month, could their inevitable war be occurring sooner than we thought? And will more information surrounding this situation come to the surface in the coming weeks?


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