Multilogging Confessions: Space Force Leader Ninja & Chefs Creator Memero Admit Guilt

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Space Force leader Ninja and creator of the now-deceased Chefs, Memero, have both confessed to multilogging at their respective army events.

It has been some time since an army has been caught out for multilogging at events, despite the consistent rumours surrounding certain individuals and groups. Yesterday, however, two members of the community were confronted and confessed to multilogging at their respective army events.

The first concerns the Chefs, created and lead by Memero, which perished last month on March 20th after a brief spell of activity. Evidence was provided to the CP Army HQ administration from an anonymous individual and Associate Director Max made contact with leader Memero to address the situation. The evidence in question was a screenshot from the Chefs staff channel, with Memero showing his CP Rewritten login screen that featured multiple penguin accounts. These penguin accounts could then be located at events and suggested Memero was multilogging at events.

When confronted, Memero was quick to confess to multilogging, stating he would multilog up to 4 penguins at Chef events. Memero was offered a right of reply to be included in our report but did not respond. Since this conversation occurred, Memero has assumed a Leader-in-Training position in the Space Force.

Several hours later, the CP Army HQ administration was informed about an incident that took place in the event results submission Discord channel. Space Force leader Ninja had submitted several event pictures but quickly deleted them after other army leaders began to send messages that accused him of multilogging. This was due to the pictures showing different penguin accounts as the active user online. Although not enough evidence to prove multilogging occurred, the fact that Ninja had quickly deleted the pictures did raise suspicions.

Ninja was contacted and after an initial denial, did confess to multilogging the penguin Soapy at the Space Force event.

CP Army HQ Director-in-Chief DMT has provided the following statement on these instances of multilogging, with the punishments clear.

As always, CPAHQ admonishes the actions taken by the individuals in this post. Multilogging- no matter the relevance of the army- is never ok. The confessions shown in this post clearly show that multilogging took place within both the Chefs and the Space Force. Because of this, we will be enacting a 0.6 multiplier on the Space Force for the next top ten*.

*=Please note that because of the closure of CPR, the next Top Ten may not be this coming Sunday.

There is no doubt, that despite the limited ways to detect and prove the multilogging, it is still a crime being consistently committed within our community. With the closure of CP Rewritten earlier today, how will this affect the Space Force moving forward? Will they be able to bounce back on another private server, or will they fade in the vast vacuum of their own space?

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