March Madness VII: Bracketology Finals

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – With the finals of the March Madness VII over, the United Media is proud to announce a winner in this year’s bracketology tournament. Who won, and why were there so few changes in rankings?

After gruelling work, the Ice Warriors won a surprising non-overtime battle against the Help Force. The battle caused all predictions to fail in some way or another. While some thought the Ice Warriors or Rebel Penguin Federation would win, most people thought the battle result in overtime. However, the battle turned surprisingly into a 2-0-1 [W/L/T] victory for the Ice Warriors. While fifteen people guessed either an Ice Warrior or Rebel Penguin Federation victory, only two people guessed a non-overtime 2-0-1 win. Each of those two people, Mare and Yodabobo got four points, with the other thirteen getting one point each. However, due to previous rankings, there could only have been one winner…


March Madness VII Round Four Finals

March Madness VII Finals

United Media reached out to Yodabobo for a statement regarding his prediction:

Using info from previous battle performances, I felt that HF would beat the Templars. I also expected that RPF would beat IW, yet the IW-RPF battle ended up being quite close, similar to many in the last few years. My expectations were HF and RPF to be the semi-final victors. I then believed RPF would take a victory based on their past performances in tournaments. ~ Yodabobo, Rebel Penguin Federation Second in Command

As the first United Media bracketology post stated, Yodabobo will receive a US$15 Amazon Gift card. He will also get a March Madness pin on CPA Battleground when it opens. To everyone that submitted a prediction, thank you for yet another tense Bracket Challenge. The challenge, as it did last year, came down to solely the Bracketology finals, with a meagre three-point difference between the first and second place. This contest will hopefully continue into the future for as long as possible. Congratulations to all that made excellent predictions, and congratulations to Yodabobo for the amazing win!

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