March Madness VII: Bracketology Round Three

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – Round three of March Madness VII, so United Media is here to provide an update on the bracketology standings. This round saw the most significant change throughout the tournament and two huge upset victories.

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The third round of March Madness VII led to a massive change in the bracketology rankings. We saw a new person take the top spot, with two massive rises from Aaronstone42 and Sweater. Each of them rose sixteen and seven places, respectively. The battles that happened this past weekend were between the Help Force and Templars and the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. Both battles were intense, as many people came to the streams.

Similarly, there were five judges for both battles. Even with fewer battles and a higher chance to guess both battles correctly, zero people guessed both correctly. The stakes were high, and the tension even higher. Without further ado, let us analyze the changes in rankings made by each battle.

Help Force vs. Templars

The predictions in the submitted brackets leaned towards a Templars win. I also thought the Templars would win because of their regular number one Top Ten standings and high maxes. However, as the battle quickly showed, the Help Force took over with larger sizes in some rooms and better coordination. Instead of an overtime room, the battle was only three rooms with a decisive Help Force victory. The room score ended as a Help Force 2-0-1[W/L/T] victory. Yodabobo predicted this outcome perfectly, but unfortunately, the battle was a regular one, resulting in only a maximum of four points awarded. The prediction was a one-of-a-kind guess, but it did not help Yodabobo much in rankings, as he only moved up one from third place.

Bracketology Round Three MM HF vs. TCP

Help Force March Madness Round Three Battle vs. Templars

Ice Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

Seventeen people predicted this battle favoring the Rebel Penguin Federation, showing how many believed in the Rebels’ victory. However, the Ice Warriors fixed themselves from Round two’s contested battle and dominated the battle. Even though the battle required an overtime room, the Ice Warriors blew everyone’s minds away in a huge upset victory. Aaronstone42 was one of the people who predicted a Rebel Penguin Federation loss. At the same time, he did predict a Water Vikings vs. Rebel Penguin Federation battle. However, the Ice Warriors replaced them because the Water Vikings officially lost the last round’s battle in Aaron’s prediction. I asked Aaron why he assumed the battle would turn out in a Water Viking/Ice Warriors victory over the Rebel Penguin Federation. His response was:

Always bet on the underdogs. ~ Aaronstone42

While I wouldn’t recommend the advice all the time, it is sometimes helpful to bet on underdogs. The unsuspecting victors would have a greater motivation to win: prove themselves as the better army.

Both battles were somewhat upset victories, and the battles ended in Elsa/Fulcrum22, of the Templars, as first in rankings. A big congratulations go to everyone that submitted a bracket, whether they rose or fell, as the battles in bracketology round three were tough to predict. Currently, the top three are Elsa in first, Yodabobo in second, and Aaronstone in last. Good luck to everyone for the final round, as it will most likely result in significant changes yet again.

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