March Madness VII: Semi-Final Results

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The March Madness semi-finals have concluded, but which two armies are advancing into the grand finals next weekend?

March Madness VII Semi Final Results

The semi-final battles of March Madness VII happened over two consecutive days: April 2nd and April 3rd. However, only two armies could make it to the grand finals, which are set to take place next weekend.


Templars vs. Help Force

This battle happened on April 2nd, as the first out of the two battles. The Help Force tied the first room with the Templars. While they had a quicker entry, they could not keep their best performance up for the entire room. At times, the Templars took the lead when they showed the Help Force’s gaps in forms. However, neither army could beat the other in this room with similar sizes. The second room saw seven Templars troops enter early while the Help Force increased the speed of their tactics. Throughout this entire room, the Help Force continuously had neater forms than the Templars and covered the Templars for most of the room. These factors led to a clear Help Force win in Room 2. Room 3 also saw a similar Help Force win, with three Templars troops entering early. Both armies had AFK troops in this room; however, the Help Force had fewer, with a size advantage over the Templars. Hence, the Help Force could cover the Templars more times.

Winner: Help Force


Ice Warriors vs. Rebel Penguin Federation

The first room saw the Ice Warriors enter first, but the Rebels took an early lead. However, the Ice Warriors quickly took the room back with faster movements, and countered the Rebel Penguin Federation’s every move. The Ice Warriors were able to cover the Rebel Penguin Federation most of the time, and therefore, they won the Iceberg. The Ice Warriors entered the second room first too; however, the Rebels covered the Ice Warriors much better and moved much more. With a slight speed advantage and bigger formations, the judges deemed the Rebel Penguin Federation the winner of Room 2. Room 3 saw an even split with the Rebels doing better in the first half, but the Warriors dominating the second half. Hence, the judges ruled Room 3 as a tie, securing the need for an overtime room. The Ice Warriors entered the overtime room first again and completely covered the Rebel Penguin Federation throughout the duration. With such fast movements into the room and a complete cover with formations, the results are an Ice Warrior 2-1-1 [W/L/T] win in the second March Madness VII Semi-Final battle.

Winner: Ice Warriors


Good job to all four armies that competed in the semi-final. However, only two armies move on from now. Congratulations to the two finalists: the Ice Warriors and the Help Force. The United Media wishes both armies good luck, and an amazing final battle to determine the winner of March Madness VII.

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