Top 5 Moments From March 2022

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – With the third month of the year now completed, the CP Army HQ staff team are excited to present the Top 5 Moments from March.

The CP Army HQ staff team recently held an internal vote to decide what we collectively believed to be the ‘Top Five Moments‘ from March 2022. This includes moments that have resulted in a significant impact on the community as a whole, whether that be a war, retirement or scandal.


5. Secret Service Declare War on Chefs

Written by: Disha

In just a few hours of entering the army community, the Chefs found themselves at war with the Secret Service and the Bose DK Warriors, on March 5th, 2022. Pandor, the current leader of the Secret Service mentioned that the war wasn’t really against the army at large, but one of their founders and leader – Memero. In spite of having multiple battles scheduled, the Chefs and the Agents never really met on the battlefield. Eventually, the Chefs shut down 2 weeks later, thus deeming the war, as one with no official victor.


4. March Madness VII Launches

Written by: Scorpion Demon

The March Madness tournament is one of the most infamous annual events of the army community. The tournament is the only big Club Penguin Armies competition that is based on an actual real-life event. Previous versions of this historic tournament have often been marred with controversies about results. This year was no different, as the quarter-final round between the Water Vikings and the Ice Warriors ended in drama. As expected, the Templars, the Help Force, Rebel Penguin Federation and the Ice Warriors advanced into the Semi-Finals round. On Saturday, the Help Force managed to pull off a 2-0-1 win against the Templars. The launch of this eventful tournament was definitely one of the top moments of the month.


3. Night Warriors Shut After Multilogging Controversy

Written by: Pranav

The Night Warriors started with maxes around 18 when they opened in weekly events; however, they switched to Yukon soon after. Upon shifting to Yukon, for reasons of reducing lag for troops, they quickly started to get over 40 troops at each event. The community then attributed the gains to multilogging, leading to a continuing defence from the Night Warriors. However, the nail in the coffin was the 0.6 multiplier placed on Yukon armies. The Night Warriors quickly lost activity within weeks, and as DFGV left the army soon after, leader Tommy decided to bring the army away from Club Penguin events as a whole.


2. CP Army Battleground Opens For Private Beta

Written by: Spotty

With the closure of Adobe Flash back in December 2020, the community has had to adapt to life without an army CPPS. However, on September 4th 2021, Superhero123 announced that he and his team had started creating the newest army CPPS, Club Penguin Battleground. Since then, the team have been working hard to adapt to coding without flash, constantly giving the community several sneak peeks into the ongoing development of the game. After six months of updates, the community were finally given the news that a private beta was now taking place, giving army leaders the opportunity to explore the game and give feedback. With private beta now officially underway, the community wait in anticipation for the day when they can finally have events and battles on a game without being chased around by moderators.


1. Water Vikings-Ice Warriors Quarter-Final Battle Result Controversy

Written by: Max

The annual March Madness tournament has seen its fair share of controversy over the years, and the 2022 instalment was no different. It came following the quarter-final battle result of the match-off between the Water Vikings and Ice Warriors, which was declared an Ice Warriors victory. Due to the extremely close nature of the battle, an overtime room occurred. The drama came post-battle when the Water Vikings requested an official review of the judging due to a screenshot that they believed alluded to one of the three judges, Sweater, swaying the battle in favour of the Warriors due to historic drama with the Vikings. The tournament staff launched an investigation, which concluded that no bias was present. However, a general lack of professional judging conduct and laziness was noted by all three judges. The review was also denied due to the tournament policies stating they would not take place under any circumstance. The Ice Warriors advanced into the semi-final round against the Rebel Penguin Federation.


Whether you agree with our listing or not, there is no doubt that the month of March has been a very busy one for the community. As we now head into the fourth month of the new year, what can we expect to occur? And what moments will top our listings at the end of it?

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