Space Force Blasts Into Armies

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A week ago, Ninja registered a new army in CP Army Network under the name “Space Force.” But what can we expect from the new army on Yukon?

The Space Force is a brand-new army, with Ninja at the forefront of its creation. He is also enlisted in the Mercenaries of Club Penguin as a Fourth in Command, who seems to be the Space Force’s first ally. The Mercenaries recruited Ninja approximately two months back. The army seems to be based on the private server Yukon. Their dependence on Yukon is visible because their verification channel asks troops if they registered an account on the private server. Ninja has hinted at the army, but it registered recently on March 25 on CP Army Network. The army seems to be a mysterious army that has not made any burst into the community yet, unlike other new small/medium armies recently. However, even the smallest armies can significantly impact the community.

space force opening

The opening event of the Space Force

To learn more about the navy blue army, CP Army Headquarters reached out to Ninja for an interview.

What was your motivation for creating the Space Force?

It is for fun and to make my own army.

What is your reasoning for using the Yukon private server?

I use Yukon cause its good and CPR is not for phone users.

What goals do you have for Space Force?

To make it the best army on CP and take all members together to a long last journey and together we can defeat anyone.

Is it possible to see your army migrate to CP Army Battleground once it is out?

Yes, we are planning to do that. My leaders and I talked about it.

As we can see, the Space Force has lofty goals, and since they use Yukon, such feats are more arduous due to the Yukon multiplier. However, they are confident that they can overcome such struggles and come out top. CP Army Headquarters wishes the best for Ninja, the Space Force, and their goals to become the best.

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  1. Space Force April 2, 2022 (5:24 am)

    Thank u

  2. cuccelente April 3, 2022 (3:31 am)

    a new army that has been already poisoned by the mercenaries army. what a shame.

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