Positivitea: 4th Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Hello lovely people! I am back once again, this time with the 4th edition of Positivitea!  Let’s see who all has received compliments, this time! Can you guess who the anonymous writers are? Do you like the concept of anonymous messages?

It was Mythic who had come up with the idea of writing anonymous messages to people, in an attempt to spread love and positivity in a community that is often surrounded by toxicity and virulence. How the column works is simple – every two weeks, I shall be selecting a few people from the CPA community at random and ask them to say something kind and nice about anyone else from the CPA community. All the commenters will be anonymous, though this might change in the future, depending on the situation. The person for who the compliment is will then be asked to guess who may have written it.
This time, I have received 5 such messages! Without further ado, let’s delve into the positivitea and see who all have received compliments!


Our first message is for Spotty/Elizabeth! Spotty/Elizabeth has been around the army community since February 2018, when she first joined Help Force. She has served as a member of Higher Command in armies like the Dark Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin and has also led the Help Force at the beginning of 2019. She joined the Club Penguin Army Headquarters last year, as an Editor, and is now one of the Associate Directors there. In addition to this, she has also held the position of Head Judge since 2020. She is currently one of the Head Judges at the Club Penguin Army Judges.

Spottycow803 is an amazing person. The community (and even I) bully her a lot jokingly but she’s definitely one of the best people out here. She’s hard working and dedicated. One of my closest friends in the community, someone I can always go to and someone who will always listen. She’s amazing inside out. Love you spotty! 😄


I approached Spotty and asked her who she thought could have written this message for her. This is what she had to say:

I feel like action but idk 😭😭😭 Whoever wrote this thank you sm and I’m sorry if I got it wrong. 😔❤️


Our second message is for Kally! Kally joined the army community in August 2018 by enlisting in the Pirates. After two months in the army, she joined Elite Trackers and Activities as a troop and stayed there until the army eventually shut down. She has been a member of staff in armies like the Doritos and a member of Higher Command in armies like the Coup Crusaders and the Ice Warriors. During her time in the community, she has also led the Hold Bugs Army, and the colony of Ice Warriors – Water Ninjas. Currently, she is one of the leaders at Ice Warriors.

Hii Kally! I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done to me. You made me smile so many times and without even knowing you supported me when I had tough days. You made me feel more welcomed in the community and it’s always really fun talking to you! You’re always my #1 inspiration, and you motivate me a lotttt. So umm yeah thanks :D.
I reached out to Kally and asked her to take a guess on who the sender of the message is, and this was her response:
uhh honestly i thought i was really a really antisocial person who never talks to people :uhh: but if i had to guess, maybe mogi? :mogiyay: :kallylove: reach out to me if this was u and if not let me know who u r plz :bunny_love:
Our third person to receive a message is Purple! This is the second message she has received so far! Purple joined armies back in May 2020, by enlisting into the Ice Warriors where she climbed up the ranks and got promoted to the position of Staff after two months. In September 2020, she was inducted as a leader in the Water Ninjas, but that lasted for a short duration. A couple of months later, she decided to join Dark Warriors where she received the position of Sixth in Command and eventually ranked up to Fifth in Command. After Dark Warriors shut down, she went back to the Ice Warriors, and currently, she is one of their Second in Command.
Hey Hey! It has been great getting to meet/know you Purple over the last year now as you have always been nice to me and someone to talk to and fool around with around the army community especially when I randomly come into IW main chat at night and you are in there LOL and sometimes bring Sharki along with me. You are sucha chill person and I hope we can continue to talk here and there!! and as always Class of 2021 gang WOOOO :wigglyvibe~1:
I asked Purple to guess who she thought this anonymous writer could be. This is what she said:
To be honest, I’m not exactly sure who it would be, maybe yvng from rpf?, but whoever that is ily and I’m glad we got to know each other over the last year ❤️ and yes class of 2021 ftw 😎
Our fourth message is for Snowy! Snowy joined the army community by being enlisted into the Help Force in August 2018. In February 2019, she became staff but retired a few months after, in late July/early August 2019. She made a comeback to the army again last year in January and attained the position of Marshal on January 23rd. In not less than 4 months, i.e. on May 2nd, she was promoted to the position of Admiral. She is currently one of the leaders at the Help Force, after being inducted to the position in December, last year.
Oh boy, I have literally no idea where to start or begin with describing how wonderfully amazing you are. Your smart mind and upbeat attitude manage to instil a sense of focus and drive. I don’t know if I ever have or will express this to you, but I look up to you in so many ways. You remind myself that I can be better, I can be more driven, I can be more committed and passionate. So truly and honestly thank you.
I messaged Snowy to ask her to have her guess on who this could be. This was her reply:
I’m Edgy?
Our fifth message (the last one for this edition) is for IceQueen! This is her third message, so far! IceQueen joined the army community on April 13th, in the year 2020, after being recruited off of Club Penguin Online, into the Ice Warriors. She became a part of the Higher Command of the army on September 4th, two days after which, she was inducted as one of the leaders of Water Ninjas, a colony of Ice Warriors. She joined the leadership team of Ice Warriors on January 22nd, 2021 as a Leader in Training, after which she was promoted to the position of leader on July 10th. Since then, IceQueen has been one of the leaders of the army and holds this position to date.
based leader, good friend but also noob and fake elsa 👍 😄
I asked IceQueen to guess who she thought could have written this message for her. This was her reaction:
LMFAOOO :egp_haha: That’s defo Fake Irish Furry Aaron, the word ‘based’ gives it away!
With that, we come to an end to this week’s messages! Thanks a bunch to everyone who took the time to write these messages, and to everyone for reading! Stay tuned for the next edition. Until then, stay safe and take care!

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