March Madness VII: Quarter Final Predictions

CP REWRITTEN, United Media Headquarters – The second March Madness weekend is upon us, and the eight proceeding armies are finishing their battle preparations. Which armies will make it to the semi-finals? Let’s see what the Army Community had to say!

The quarter-finals of March Madness VII are split between Saturday and Sunday, with two battles taking place on each day. The full information and details can be found in this post – March Madness VII: Quarter Final Information.

The United Media Team gathered together the predictions of various members of the community, including March Madness staff, organisation heads, and even army leaders. Let’s take a look at what they had to say for possible results of the upcoming weekend. All room results are listed as (win-loss-tie).

On Saturday, 26th March 2022

Ice Warriors vs. Water Vikings 

The Water Vikings breezed through the first round of MM with ease, as the Day Warriors did not show up to their battle. This week, they go head to head with the Ice Warriors. The Warriors have recently placed third in the weekly Top Tens, whereas the Vikings show a constant fifth spot. Will the Vikings be able to overtake the Warriors in this tournament battle?

Ice Warriors and Water Vikings at a “Simon Says” event in February

Max, MM Staff: Ice Warriors (2-0-1)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Ice Warriors (2-0-1)

Austinfraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

Coolguy, Army Leader: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Water Vikings (2-1-0)

DMT, CPAHQ Administrator: Ice Warriors (3-0-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Ice Warriors (2-1-0)

BoMoBuddy, Army Leader: Ice Warriors (2-0-1)


Rebel Penguin Federation vs Army of Club Penguin

The second Saturday battle will take place between the Rebels and the Clovers. This will be the first battle for both armies in this tournament, following the Chefs sudden departure before their battle last weekend. Although the Rebel Penguin Federation is known as a tournament giant in this community, might the Army of CP still stand a chance against them?

A recent Rebel training event

Max, MM Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Austinfraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Coolguy, Army Leader: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

DMT, CPAHQ Administrator: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)

BoMoBuddy, Army Leader: Rebel Penguin Federation (3-0-0)


On Sunday, 27th March 2022

Help Force vs Secret Service

Sunday will be kicked off by the Help Force and the Secret Service. The most recent Top Ten shows the Helpers on the fourth spot, and the Secret Service only two spots away as the sixth. Although the Helpers show higher size averages, might the Agents change the course this weekend?

The Help Force at a recent Holi celebration event

Max, MM Staff: Help Force (3-0-0)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Help Force (3-0-0)

Austinfraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Help Force (3-0-0)

Coolguy, Army Leader: Help Force (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Help Force (3-0-0)

DMT, CPAHQ Administrator: Help Force (2-1-0)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Help Force (2-0-1)

BoMoBuddy, Army Leader: Help Force (3-0-0)


Silver Empire vs Templars

The Templars have recently proven to be the top dog of weekly top tens, with a #1 streak of multiple weeks. The squires’ most recent size average of 52.67 proves to be a challenge for the Silver Empire, but could the Silvers pull off a coup d’état against the reigning dominators?

Templars at a recent training event

Max, MM Staff: Templars (2-0-1)

Spotty, CPAHQ Associate Director: Templars (3-0-0)

Austinfraud, CPAJ Head Judge: Templars (3-0-0)

Coolguy, Army Leader: Templars (3-0-0)

Superhero123, MM Staff: Templars (2-1-0)

DMT, CPAHQ Administrator: Templars (2-0-1)

Light, CPAJ Head Judge: Templars (2-0-1)

BoMoBuddy, Army Leader: Templars (3-0-0)

Although the predictions show little variation, the weekend promises to be full of surprises. The United Media team cannot wait to see how this weekend will turn out, best of luck to all armies! As always, we will be covering the results following the four battles!

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