Opinion Piece: Night Warriors Leader DFGV Announces Retirement Following Multilogging Denial

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – DFGV, who was recently at the centre of a multilogging storm, has announced his permanent retirement from the Night Warriors. Associate Director Max weighs in on the news in this opinion piece.

Disclaimer: As an opinion piece, this post contains the opinion of the author and does not reflect the views of the organisation as a whole. 

The unbelievable rise of the Night Warriors

The Night Warriors have stirred up controversy since the opening of their current generation. They steamrolled onto the army scene in late January with sizes that fellow competitors like the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation were only reaching at their top weekly events. They made the headlines a month later when they earned major army status, becoming one of the fastest armies to ever do so.

However, despite their apparent event success, discussions and allegations concerning heavy multilogging activity surrounded them. Not only were they achieving huge sizes that had not been seen in some time, but they witnessed this unprecedented size increase after switching from CP Rewritten to the private server Yukon.

The Night Warriors at their opening CP Rewritten event, and Yukon event two weeks later.

Yukon is known to have absolutely zero anti-multilogging features in place. Their account creation does not require any verification or real email necessary, making multilogging extremely easy for those eager to cheat. The Night Warriors’ notorious leadership also includes former multiloggers who have been exposed in past organisation investigations. This only added fuel to the fire and called for the community organisations to take action.


“Prove it”

CP Army HQ was quick to launch their investigations but was instantly met with hostility from the leadership, including the now-retired DFGV. We attempted to join the Discord server to monitor their chat activity, but after observing no activity whatsoever, were either banned or had channel permissions revoked completely. The administrators also conducted an investigation of their Yukon events, witnessing slow and infrequent tactics that hinted towards multilogging.

But with no conclusive evidence or proof, such as login-IPs or screenshots leaked by a whistleblower, there was little action that could be taken. We hoped the Night Warriors leadership would aid our investigation to clear their name as quickly as possible. Instead, their conceited response to our questions regarding multilogging: “prove it”.

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The response was a universal Top Ten regulation, in which army events held on Yukon were to be subjected to a 0.6 size multiplier. Despite this motion having the support of every major army, the Night Warriors leadership were outraged and held an event the following day with an enormous maximum size of 70 penguins. The results post for this event has now been mysteriously deleted since it was first published.

The impact of the Yukon restriction was instant and saw the Night Warriors activity drop significantly. They went from hosting events every day in their “campaign to ruin the Top Ten”, to hosting just two events this past week with an average UK/US event size of just 21 penguins. DFGV told the administration they had to “go out of their way to recruit troops” so that the restriction would not affect their sizes.


Perseverance and hard work

Earlier today, March 24th, DFGV announced his retirement on the Night Warriors website. His short farewell expressed his sadness to be departing the army after nearly three months of service, and how their achievement of reaching 70+ penguins at an event was “something I would never have thought attainable by a new army in this era“. I could not agree more.

DFGV stated this achievement was thanks to the “perseverance and hard work” they had to reach their goals. His words undermine the efforts of every person, in every army of our community, that has not succumbed to such obvious lengths of cheating. True hard work and perseverance can be credited to those that continue to operate honestly and ethically within our community – particularly over the past year, which has seen many challenges in our way.

But for those that endured the low points, we now have hope on the horizon in the form of CP Army Battleground. The private server will have multilogging features implemented and a team of people actively checking for those cheating. We are just weeks away from its launch, and we can look forward to entering the next chapter of our Club Penguin army community.


With DFGV’s retirement, the future of the Night Warriors is now in question. Activity within the army has been depleting slowly since the restrictions were placed on Yukon events, and despite the hiring of Islander as leader last week, their sizes have depleted. What will come of them next, and is DFGV retirement truly permanent? Or will he, like so many before him, make a return to the army community?


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