CPA Battleground is Around the Corner

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – We all have been anticipating the release of CPA Battleground since Superhero123 announced the new project. It’s finally around the corner!

Superhero123 has finally announced that CPA Battleground is officially in its final steps towards being open to the public. Although right now it is only open to current army leaders, we have seen good things come out of the game already. However, you can create an account, but you will not have access until the official release. To get early access, you need to be a leader and have your army registered in either CP Army Headquarters or CP Army Network. You also have to have an”Army Leader” in either league. If you want to know more about CPAB, read The Future Plans of Armies: Club Penguin Battleground.

Superhero’s announcement of Private Beta – March 22nd, 2022

While Superhero and his staff team get closer and closer to their goal of being done before the Legends Cup, CPAB seems to be on track to their goal. Although some things are still a work in progress, we can see some of the games, and most of the rooms are in working order. As an army leader, I got access to the private beta. Unlike CPRewritten, many things are implemented into the game, like custom commands. You can be your army with your uniform, and you can also add any item from the game as you wish. There are many other things you can do in the game itself. Many members of the army community are super excited to see how the game will work when it is fully released.

Full command list from CPAB itself

You can click on the commands picture above to take you to the site.

Sneak Peak look of working commands

CP Army Headquarters got the chance to talk to Superhero about the progress of Club Penguin Army Battleground.

Hello Super, how happy are you with the progress of how CPAB is coming along?

I am really happy! I caught corona a few days ago which gave me plenty of days of boredom inside my house to do the final push for CPAB’s beta. It’s coming together nicely and release is just around the corner now.

You say around the corner, how soon can we see CPAB released to the general public?

In the following 1-2 weeks.

Now that you have opened it privately to leaders, what kind of feedback are you getting from the leaders?

Feedback has been really positive and constructive so far! I will be personally contacting the army leaders who have tried the game over the following days to grasp more opinions, but overall reception is really good and I’m grateful

As you can see, Superhero is thrilled with the progress of CPAB. Within the next couple of weeks, the community can expect an announcement that the game is being released. As leaders seem to enjoy it already, CPAB has many more people to impress. As we edge closer to the opening of CPAB, we can only anticipate great things so far.

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