How Well Do You Know DMT of CP Army HQ?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Formerly a Network column, How Well Do You Know graces the Headquarters with a new instalment. This time we interview DMT, and get to know what they are like as a person outside of CP Armies.

No doubt is everyone moderately obsessed with exercising their egos throughout Club Penguin Armies. However, it’s commonly accepted that we aim to act different than to how we are in the real world. As some suggest it’s easy to get along with each other when you know people on a personal level. In the first edition of this column, we speak to DMT as we uncover his personality in the real world.

DMT, also known as Doctor Mine Turtle, began his army journey in 2010 after enlisting in the Club Penguin Crew. Following their closure, he served in the Nachos, Striking Raiders and Redemption Force  before discovering Army Media Organizations. At this point, DMT decided to join the Army Republic where he ranked up to leader before the army closed. DMT revived the army again, where he led for most of 2015 until he briefly retired in 2016. He returned to be part of the Army Of Club Penguin‘s HCOM team before departing armies for the rest of the original era. He returned to the Private Server era in 2019 and found himself leading the Lime Green Army temporarily in 2020, before departing from army leadership to this day.

DMT however is widely known for his contributions to CP Army Media Organizations. He was an editor for CP Army Central and SM Army Press, as well as a CEO for SM Army Central for several months. Upon returning to Private Server Armies, he advised for CP Army Media and CP Army Hub, before founding the CP Army HQ in early 2021.

The Lime Green Army under DMT’s Leadership.

I sat down with DMT and talked about him, his hobbies and his career in CP Armies.

Okay so first I wanna ask, could you give me a summary of your history in CPA?

Well I first joined armies in 2010 with Club Penguin Crew. I bounced around for a while until I had significant stints with the Striking Raiders and the Redemption Force. I helped lead SR to multiple cpac appearances and was apart of RFs HCOM in 2014. When both of those armies trailed off, I joined AR for its final couple of weeks of life, working my way up to owner before it closed down. Then a month or so later, Burr approached me alongside two others to revive AR. I served as leader for most of 2015 and was mostly responsible for the recruiting force behind the army, which we peaked at 2nd place in CPAC under our command. I retired in early 2016 before returning as an ACP hcom member for the summer. During all of this I was also into media, working with both CPAC and SMAP in editor positions and serving as a SMAC CEO for a couple of months.

So the main purpose of this article is to get to know you as a person, so on that note how would you describe yourself as an individual?

I would say that I am a pretty fun person. I enjoy going out and being social with the people I’m close to. I feel like I’m in my element when I’m with others.

Would you say that being social is one of your main hobbies or are there any others you’d like to share?

Sports are definitely my biggest hobby. Whether that’s playing or watching. My major in college is in the sphere of sports; learning how to become a coach.

Sounds interesting! Any sports in particular or is this more for a wide variety of sports?

Basketball has always been my favorite. I started watching when I was little and my interest has only grown in it. I played during middle school and high school too. But I follow all sports, to be honest.

Just gonna go back to armies now, is there one moment that you think defines your army career?

I think objectively at this point, it has to be the handling of March Madness 2021 under my hand. I think it’s been beaten into the ground many times, but it’s always something that’s going to be held over my head.
If I’m allowed to sneak in a positive thing, I think my personal defining moment was my tenure as CPA admin in 2019, specifically in the summer. I’m proud to have played a part in revitalizing the CPR army community during that time and I have some very fond memories of that era.

To help learn more about individuals, it helps to learn how they are viewed from other perspectives. As a result, I asked co-administrator Spotty for her opinions of DMT.

Before joining HQ I didn’t speak to DMT at all, I just knew him as an CPAH advisor and that’s it. When I became a Head Judge for HQ, we started to talk more, I found it interesting to hear about his experiences in the past and why he thinks the way he does. DMT is such a team player, he wants to make the whole team feel as equally involved which I definitely felt as a Head Judge when he would ask us all for our opinions, or when he asked us all to speak about the unification in the post we did back in September. Joining the admin team I’ve gotten to experience just how hard DMT works, with his weekly top ten calcs (maths isn’t easy), and his innovative ideas for the community. He also knows how not to take the community too seriously and knows how to have fun, like our jokes about camping or our jokingly debates about men vs women in the admin meetings. I’m glad I’ve gotten the chance to work with DMT in so many different settings within HQ, even if he does love the Arctic Monkeys a bit too much.

From this, we can tell that DMT is one with immense love for the community. As a man who effectively leads the entire army community instead of an army, we look at him with respect and gratitude for the work he has put into this organization. To that, I ask you all – how well do you know DMT?

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