A (K)night To Remember: Invader Joins Night Warriors Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – A few days back, the Night Warriors witnessed the arrival of a new leader, Invader. What can we expect from him? What kind of an impact will this promotion have on the future of the army?

On March 20th, DFGV, one of the current leaders of the Night Warriors made an announcement in the army’s discord channel stating that Invader would be joining the leadership of the army. In his announcement, DFGV mentions the hard work and dedication, Invader put into the army, ever since the army was revived, and how deserving he is of the position.

DFGV promoting Invader as a Leader.

Night Warriors were formed in 2009 by Cowboysfan13 as a result of a merge between the original Night Warriors and Rogue Rangers. After having shut down in 2014, the Night Warriors were once again revived this year on January 22nd. Being led by DFGV, Tommy, and, Exodia, the army received the Major status in only a month after its revival and has been consistent with maxing high numbers ever since they returned to the community. Currently the army holds the 7th position in the Top Ten Armies list.

A recent event of the Night Warriors.

Invader originally joined the army community in the year 2020, by enlisting in the Rebel Penguin Federation but left shortly after joining, due to his inactivity. In 2022, he was recruited by Epic101, into the Night Warriors, this time being his second time in the community. Being in Night Warriors, he came to learn how armies function, and got involved in the same, by recruiting and putting in the effort to help out the army. Currently, he leads the army alongside DFGV, Tommy, and Exodia.

Night Warriors at the Stadium.

CP Army Headquarters reached out to Invader, to know more about his thoughts on the promotion, and his future plans for the army.

How does it feel to be a a leader of an army?

I was really excited and happy since it was a experience for me.

What do you think has helped you the most in this journey of becoming a leader?

The voices in my head.

What are your future plans for the army as a leader?

Improve our maxes and in the long term aim to peak over 70.

Can you tell me your favorite memory of the army?

Music vc with Exodia.

If you could name one thing that you look forward to as a leader, what would it be?

I’ve been looking forward to holding events.

Where do you see the army going in about a year’s time from now?

In the long run with great teamwork I’m sure NW can achieve great heights.


From the conversation above, it seems that Invader is all set to lead the army and make it reach greater heights than it already has. We are excited to see what the future holds for him, and wish him, and the Night Warriors, best of luck in all their future endeavours.

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