Serving Up Secrets: Secret Service Declare War On Chefs

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Headquarters – Just hours after opening the Chefs find themselves in war against the Secret Service. What led to this declaration?

The Secret Service was established in October 2020, and is widely known as one of the leading Small/Medium powerhouses. Currently led by Pandor, they recently exited a war against the Eclipse of Club Penguin, while achieving consistent positions within the latter half of the Weekly Top Ten. More recently, they finished in second place at the Small/Medium Free For All event held in February 2022.

Secret Service Maxing 34 At A Recent Event.

Toxic and Memero came together to serve the Chefs of Club Penguin in March 2022. A new generation army, they were able to max twelve at their opening event, before finding themselves subject to war against the Bose DK Warriors. You can read more about that in this post.

Chefs Opening

Chefs Opening Event

At 12:03 GMT the Secret Service scheduled an invasion against the Chefs, declaring it a war invasion. While no official reasoning was published, a review of their bulletin states that the war is not against the army, rather Memero instead. Though not confirmed, there is a possibility that this relates to Memero’s questionable desire for publicity, as well as his involvement in previous conflicts involving the Templars and the Legoman Army.

Pandor Announcing The War To Secret Service

CP Army HQ reached out to Pandor and Memero for an interview, regarding the reasons and aspirations behind this declaration.


So to kick things off I’m sure everyone is wondering, why did you declare war?

Memero had been constantly trash talking SS, the leadership, HCOM and staff. He also claims he has power to shut SS down through war, however he cant even max more than 12 at his opening. He is one of the biggest clowns currently in this community and I’m not the only one and SS isn’t the only army that is going to be at war with his army. Bose DK has also intervened and a third army will be joining in soon.

Are there any achievements that you hope to take out of this war? If so, what are they?

Another victory.

Clearly nothing more needs to be said, but is there anything long-term you’re aiming for?

To shut Memero up and put him in his place.


What is your reaction to SS declaring war on the Chefs?

I laughed because it was funny.

Given your  army is under 24 hours old, how are you going to prepare for the battles?

Recruiting 24/7.

Is there anything that you hope to take out from this war?

Experience and servers.

From this it seems that while Pandor declares war for a serious reason, Memero believes that laughing it off will resolve the conflict. Regardless of their beliefs, the battles are inevitable as the Bose DK, the Secret Service and the mysterious third army all prepare for war.  CP Army HQ will be keeping you updated as this war branches out.

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