Ice Warriors Hosts Sub Zero Winter Olympics

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors – Recently, the Ice Warriors held their own Sub Zero Winter Olympics on Club Penguin. But who won and what were the top three teams?

For the past two weeks, the Ice Warriors hosted a Winter Olympics titled the Sub Zero 2022 Winter Olympics.  The events opening ceremony officially took place on February 4th. However, the games lasted from February 7th to February 19th. The organizers of the Sub Zero Olympics created a different server for the event, to separate the army and the Olympics. This decision seems to have been important in emphasizing that the Olympics were for the community.

The tournament let participants choose teams of five, and they did not have to be in the same army. Like the Rebel Penguin Federation’s own Olympics, the assignment of points was dependent on their placement in games. However, instead of the top three, more teams were considered when assigning points, to make it more competitive.

Ten events took place over the span of two weeks, to comprise these Olympics. Each event could have been a 24-hour contest, where time taken and the maximum score of the team was acknowledged before points were distributed. If the game had a maximum score attached, then whichever team reached the closest to that would win first. The other style was “tournament-style”, where the winner had to win a tournament bracket.  Eighteen teams participated in the Olympics, but only one team, the Lime Green Duckers, came out on top with gold. The team “clinically insane” achieved second overall, and “100% professionals” got third.

On the opening ceremony, Ice Warriors maxed an impressive 43. All other Olympic events happened after various training and battles, as a way to end off a day’s event. The first event was Ice Fishing. Thin Ice, Dance Contest, and Aqua Grabber came afterward. Cart Surfer, Hydro Hopper, Pizzatron, and Catchin’ Waves followed; while Find 4, and Sled Racing ended all games. The closing event took place on February 24th to bid farewell to this year’s Sub Zero Winter Olympics.

Ice Warriors Sub Zero Olympics Opening

Opening Ceremony of the Sub Zero Olympics

Ice Warriors Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony

Sub Zero Olympics Closing Ceremony

CP Army Headquarters reached out to IceQueen1020, an Ice Warriors leader for a statement on the Olympics:

I think to improve, it would be nice to incorporate a couple more tournament games like we did for the first ever Sub Zero Olympics last Summer. However, due to the AUSIA Arena Tournament running at the same time, we were time limited. Overall, the Sub Zero Winter Olympics was a fun community event spanning across February alongside the real 2022 Winter Olympics. It caused a lot of hype and excitement for our troops and was a fun way for our troops and allies to enjoy their time in Ice Warriors.

Though the Olympics happen regularly in the summer and winter, the community will miss them. Doing such contests allows troops to connect with the Olympics while being on Club Penguin. It is an intelligent way to get troops to stay for entire events because they knew they could participate in minigames to help their team win. It also creates a fun, competitive, and enjoyable experience for the Ice Warriors and all of their allies. Hopefully, the community will continue to see fun Olympic tournaments in the future.

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