Army Archives: Ryan Apologizes for Bot Raids

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to another edition of Army Archives. Today we will look into when former Nachos HCOM Ryan carried out bot raids on Club Penguin.

Note: This post is adapted from “Ryan Issues Apology For Bot Raids || RPF Resume War With Nachos.

I. The Issue of Botting

The waning months before the original Club Penguin shut down, bot raiding was still a big problem. With the Purple Republic and independent botters still active, Club Penguin did not rid itself of such rule-breakers. Even worse, these botters were a significant part of the CP army community, past and present. One such botter, Ryan, was an active leader of the Night Warriors in June 2016, when he discovered how to use bots on CP. For those unaware, botting was a heinous practice. People wrote a script to control multiple penguins at once without switching tabs. This was a form of multi-logging, but even worse, due to the ease at which people could carry it out.

II. Ryan’s Journey to Botting

Ryan, at the time, hired Olimad, who Ryan later found out was a botter. Due to this relationship, Olimad gave Ryan a penguin maker script, which Ryan kept, even though he never needed it. One month later, after Ryan joined the Nachos, they were being raided by bots, and Ryan found out from a source that the botter was using “Cloudpenguin.” As a result, Ryan researched it and downloaded Cloudpenguin itself, although he did not do anything with it immediately.

After retiring, he decided to stay on Club Penguin for fun and then used bot raids to troll other people. Sometimes, he went into the stadium where other botters hung out, carrying out “battles.” While carrying out these raids, his main penguin was under the name of “Qarv.” However, he believed armies bullied him, so he also decided to raid army events, leading to him trying to raid armies, including the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Ryan Bot Raid Under Qarv

Ryan’s Account Named Qarv

III. Ryan’s Raids of the Rebel Penguin Federation

According to Ryan, Elmikey did not treat him well in the past, so he logged on one hour before RPF to attempt the raid. This attempt was a miserable failure due to the bots crashing as soon as they entered the room the Rebels were located. Ryan was angry, and this event only inspired him to increase the number of bot raids. He also grew experience and knowledge in botting, eventually getting out of control until he went on break.

After returning from his two-week vacation, he botted very few times. Four months later, in the Rebel chat, Ryan learned that Chip, a Rebel leader, claimed a high-ranking Nacho was Qarv. Chip knew Ryan was botting but decided to keep the name quiet, hoping Ryan would apologize by himself. Initially, Ryan denied all claims but later rescinded his claims solely to Chip, who he asked to protect his secrets. Fortunately for Ryan, Chip did keep quiet; however, four months later, he admitted to RPF as a whole and apologized for the botting. In the end, the Rebel Penguin Federation decided to declare war on Nachos, breaking their peace treaty, making it one of the last wars in the original Club Penguin.

Ryan's apology - bot raids

Ryan’s Apology to Elmikey For Raiding

IV. Conclusion

I believe that actions such as botting have mostly disappeared. While claims of multi-logging still fly around the community, most actions deemed “illegal” in armies have disappeared. This could be due to a new generation of armies, with most people in armies currently new-generation recruits instead of veterans. The community is actively changing, and only time can tell whether it is for the better or the worse. The recruits and new leaders have to decide this and make sure the change sticks for the better. However, the community can be thankful that we are no longer privy to bot raids, even if regular attacks still exist.

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