Eclipse Accepts Surrender to Secret Service

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Five days after Eclipse of CP merged into Army of Darkness, they accepted a surrender to Secret Service. What caused this?

On February 12th, Todoro,  Da Best, FlamingHerrix, and Nyx revived the Eclipse of Club Penguin despite a raid from the Secret Service. The Eclipse reached 13th and 14th on CPAN and CPAHQ’s top tens in their latest generation. Days after their latest revival, they merged into the Army of Darkness. On the other hand, the Secret Service has dominated the Small-Medium army community. In the past, they went to the semi-finals of the Challengers Cup 2. They also achieved number one in an S/M Army Top Ten within two weeks of conception.

Before the revival of Eclipse, tensions seemed to rise with the Secret Service. On February 13th, the Secret Service released a post titled “Eclipse of the Mind” as a declaration of war on Eclipse of CP. The Secret Service accused members of the Eclipse leadership of gross misconduct. The declaration immediately affected Eclipse, as they frantically sought to fix mistakes and avoid the war. Initially, Rach, a Commander in Training, and Todoro, the army’s founder, were banned. Two days later, Eclipse merged into the Army Of Darkness, although Da Best made a series of posts. 

Unbeknownst to the broader community, the war was ongoing until Eclipse decided to surrender to the Secret Service. The treaty will apply to the Army of Darkness due to the merge between the Army of Darkness and Eclipse.

Eclipse Surrender Treaty

Eclipse Surrender to Secret Service

CP Army Headquarters reached out to both Pandor and Da Best for a statement on this surrender.

Da Best, Eclipse Leader:

After the controversy with eclipse and ss, most of our leadership was falling apart. We noticed that Pandor was using ecp for battle points for cpahq top ten and we decided it would be best to surrender. This also led to us finding out that pandor was asking our leadership to log on for ss during their invasion against us and join ss. The future for ecp/ cpad is known as I’m not around as much as before and I have better stuff to do.

Pandor, Secret Service Leader:

Eclipse wanted a treaty since the start of the war but i refused. I reached out to him a couple of days later saying ill give him a fair force treaty if he surrenders cause i couldnt be asked anymore. He accepted the treaty. In addition to this he claims that we told one of his leaders to log on, the actual truth is that she was one of our troop in our army long before eclipse. In addition to that i can clarify she is no longer our troop for defending todoro. My thoughts on this? Was going to happen in the end and its another humiliation to Eclipse and a victory for SS. This isn’t the last war you will see SS partaking in.

This war has ended abruptly without any battles, crowning the Secret Service as the victors. Although both armies have ended this war, they still offer us a chance for more. As March Madness approaches, we’ll see if they have what it takes to compete against the best.

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