The Beginning of a New People’s Imperial Confederation Leadership Era

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just a day after the grand finals of ‘AUSIA Arena’ got over, the People’s Imperial Confederation announced a change in their leadership. Who are the new leaders? What kind of impact will they have on the army?

On February 21st, the People’s Imperial Confederation’s leader and creator, Sidie9, announced that there will be a change of leadership in the army, as she retired alongside Shallissa and Legoman. It was also announced that the new leaders of the army will be three staff members who were part of the army’s high command – Maya, Lizzie, and Sam, and they will be leading alongside the current leader Hidcre.

Sidie9 announcing the induction of the new leadership, alongside her, Shallissa, and Legoman’s retirement.

Sam joined the army community on January 11th, 2021. She got recruited into the People’s Imperial Confederation and has been a part of the army, since then. Being one of the most active members of the army, she climbed up the ranks quickly and reached the position of staff. Due to her activity and immense dedication to the army as a staff, she was able to become part of the army’s leadership.

Lizzie joined the Cosmic Army in June 2019. Even though it was her first army, she became a leader as soon as she joined. She stayed as a leader there for some time until she merged the army with the Coffee Force. The Coffee Force then merged with Recon Federation of Club Penguin, in which she eventually became a third in command. After that, she joined the People’s Imperial Confederation on May 15th, 2020, and has been in the army ever since. She even became a staff and helped with attending as well as leading many events of the army. Recently, she was inducted as one of the new leaders of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

Maya became a part of the Club Penguin army community in December 2019. She has always been very active in the community and has joined several armies such as the Light Troops, Secret Service, Templars, Special Weapons and Tactics, and People’s Imperial Confederation. She has always been a very active dedicated staff member having participated in many events and tournaments. She joined the leadership of the People’s Imperial Confederation, only recently.

A recent event of the People’s Imperial Confederation.

CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to Maya, Lizzie, and Sam, and know their thoughts on their promotion to Leader:

Firstly, how does it feel to finally become an army leader after so much work and dedication?

Maya: Not in life but just in armies, I still don’t get a lot but I will always be learning and making new friends which has helped me make it to 2 years. I have wanted leader for like a year and I’ve seen so many come and go and it hurts me a lot, though I do stay in contact with most. Its more of the people that helped me become a leader than what I did, its all my amazing and funny mods who helped me get to where I am, people who have left always stay with me and ofc Jemma and other leaders.

Lizzie: Well, I feel really proud of myself for reaching this goal. When I joined PIC, I thought I had no chance of ever becoming one of the commanders. I was just there because I had friends in there, but now knowing I have reached it I’m just…. very happy also.

Sam: It feels really good! I am very happy. I love pic so much, I been in it for 1 year 😀 and I am so excited to be leader with Maya and lizzie.

What plans do you have for the army in the future?

Maya: I definitely will focus on being the best I can be for everyone and for me its the people who make up an army and even help ourselves so its what they want. I care more about them than what rank we are on that list or who did beat or not u know, so I shall put the people in pic again cause they are so important. Though I wont let go of it being a club penguin army, it will become something bigger than just that ofc.

Lizzie: I want to continue Jemma’s legacy and hopefully with my co-leaders finally obtain major army status for PIC, something that all of us were aiming for.

Sam: Well we will do fun and chill events and make sure everyone’s happy and enjoying their time and we will have so many new fun things at pic.

What was your favorite memory/moment in the People’s Imperial Confederation?

Maya: I think one I will always remember is me being accused of a spy because I look back and laugh at it all and probably when the people I loved were hicom like attai, david, void, noob and jem and em and phoebe. But I love hicom right now too I wouldn’t trade anything for it, meeting the people I did is the best memories I have.

Lizzie: Probably either introducing emo mikey to the members or the time where I made people praise a rock we dubbed ‘holy rock’ back in 2020.

Sam: My fav memory is when I was first being mod. I was so happy and excited and now I got so far from it like now I am a leader and I made so many great friends.

What kind of impact do you think your leadership will have on the army?

Maya: I would usually think of myself to be nice to everyone, but with lizzie and Sam who are just so funny and kind I think I wont bring too much in that department. I would like to say I bring a sense of putting people before a game thing, but as I say me and lizzie and sam are alike in that we love the people first then we like what the people like to do.

Lizzie: I’am really really hoping for a positive impact on this one but only time will tell.

Sam: I think my leadership will help pic a lot and all of us like me lizzie, Maya, Hidcre we will do so good together!! And have a big big big impact and it will be so good and amazing and nice.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to those who want to become a leader one day?

Maya: Ok well it was hard to get where I was, I wont get people hopeful. However, I think just not taking this too seriously is key well, at least to me, like not getting too mad about club penguin and just being there for people and bringing ur lovely and amazing personality will sure make u a great person. Being a leader is just a role in my mind, but being amazing and lovely to everyone is what people will remember. If u ask any leader what happened summer of 2021 they wont tell u probably, or they will be vague, but people’s kindness stays with u.

Langly: Never give up. Those 3 words.

Sam: Yess I want to say u can do it and don’t give up and one day u will be a great leader and it might be nervous at first but u will do great.

We can conclude that this new leadership seems promising, as the new leaders seem very excited and happy about their promotion. We wish them very good luck in their time as leaders and we hope that this leadership turns out to be a successful one.

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  1. Fulcrum23 February 22, 2022 (12:30 am)

    I trust Maya, Lizzie and Sam with PIC alongside Hidcre. I know they will do great things.

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