Closet Effects: The Snowboard Helmet

KLONDIKE, Myth’s Fashion Studio – Welcome back to yet another edition of Closet Effects. This week, we’ll be taking a closer look at the Snowboard Helmet, a rather odd uniform item. What armies have best used the item?

I. What Item is on Today’s Agenda?

Best known as the Snowboard Helmet, the item has made appearances far and wide within the various games. First appearing in 2006, the item has appeared eight times, even being purchasable during Club Penguin’s final hours. The item pairs well with the Ski Patrol Jacket and First Aid Kit.

Snowboard Helmet Icon

II. What Armies Have Used the Item?

The Snowboard Helmet hasn’t been seen on many armies. One of the most iconic armies to utilize the helmet is the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). Established in 2009, by army legend Ganger90, the army has grown to be one of the most noticeable within the army scene.

SWAT Uniform

Another iconic army to have used the helmet was the Night Warriors. While not their current uniform, the helmet was utilized during an early generation, especially under the leadership of Cowboyfans13. Other uniforms look much similar to that of SWATs.

Night Rebels Old Uniform

III. The Lasting Affects of the Item

Even with the item being cost efficient, no many have tried to use it within the private server era. Mainly used as a backup item, the helmet was still common within the original Club Penguin. While the same can be said today, not many armies have had to use a backup uniform, especially in servers similar to Club Penguin Armies; The Game.


Similar to the Blue Viking Helmet, the item isn’t rare, and is even available in most private servers as I speak. The item isn’t as flashy as others, and is possible what hurts it.

IV. Conclusion

Similar to most items, once an army utilizes an item, it essentially becomes theirs. However, this can not be said about the Snowboard Helmet. Multiple armies have used the item, either as a place holder, or as their main head item. While the helmet may not be as iconic as other items, the armies that certainly wear it are well known and well received. Will any armies try to use the item, even with its availability? Will it always be a placeholder in the minds of many?

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