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KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome to the column, “Artistic Analysis” wherein every edition, I shall be focusing on one Graphic Designer from the community, and take a look at some of their works. For this edition, we look into the graphics that Scorp has created and know more about his journey in Graphic Designing.

Scorp has been around the army community for quite a long time starting all the way back in the year, 2020 when he joined the Athletes, and eventually, made it to Second in Command there. When Athletes merged into the Elites, he was promoted to the position of Second in Command, once again. He then went on to join the Army of Club Penguin, when Elites closed their doors and reached Fourth in Command there. He later joined Red Ravagers where he became Second in Command, for the third time in his army career. Recently, he became a Second in Command in Help Force as well, the army he is currently affiliated with.

So, we can say with certainty, that he has had a lot of experience in different armies throughout his time in this community. However, for this column, we are more focused on why he wanted to become a designer and what got him started in the first place. So, let’s begin by taking a look at some of his work within the community, shall we?

Scorp graphics, artistic analysis

Double Trouble column that runs on a weekly basis on Help Force’s website.


Scorp graphics, artistic analysis

Help Force’s Combat Speciality Corps.


Scorp graphics

Golden Helpers Award.


Scorp graphics

Youtube thumbnail for Red Ravagers.

I had the opportunity to talk to Scorp about the influences that led him to become one of the select few Graphic Designers in the army community.

What or who influenced you to become a Graphic Designer?


When did you start designing things?

When I wanted a custom penguin for a CPAH post and decided to make it myself instead of asking someone to do it.

What are some things you would like to improve on in regard to graphic design?

Drawing ability, I suck at drawing digitally (although I don’t have a wacom or something, that’s probably why). I’d also like to start making more advanced graphics, and try to use all the experience I have when making a new project and not repeat the same mistakes.

I have heard you have been working on designing things for CPAB, the game that SuperHero is developing, is this true?

Yes, it is true.

So, as you can see, Scorp has been an important Graphic Designer for many armies that he has been in. We have a lot more to see from Scop and his graphic designing abilities. He, as an individual, has a significant amount of graphic knowledge. Although he is still trying to improve on some of his abilities, he continues to produce more designs for Help Force and CPAB, the upcoming CPPS created by Super.

As a graphic designer, you always want to improve on what experience you have as things are always changing in the graphic design community. Who would you like to see on the next edition of Artistic Analysis? Perhaps someone out of the community?

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