Sudden Change: Eclipse of CP Merges into Army of Darkness

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Just days after the S/M Free-For-All, the Eclipse of CP has announced their closure and merge into the Army of Darkness. What is the reason behind this merge? What impact will it cause on both armies?

On February 15th, Eclipse leader, Da Best, announced that they will be merging into the Army of Darkness, stating that this merge happened after some negotiations with Shallissa and Sidie9. This merge was also a result of recent events within the army.

ECP merging into CPAD announcement

Both the Eclipse of CP and Army of Darkness have been recently revived, even though the revival of the Army of Darkness was mostly a joke. After recent discussions between Shallissa, Sidie9 and Da Best, an agreement was reached, deciding to merge both armies, and establish a serious beginning for the Army of Darkness. The Eclipse of Club Penguin has participated in many events like the most recent S/M Free For All, while the Army of Darkness has not attended any tournaments yet.

s/m free for all battle

The CP Army Headquarters was able to reach out to both Sidie9 and Da Best for their thoughts on the merge:

What are your thoughts on the merging of Eclipse of CP into Army of Darkness?

Sidie9: I was told by Shallissa that Da Best was open to merging or starting a new army after the whole Eclipse drama, so I suggested that they rebrand as the Army of Darkness. I think Da Best wanted to find a new place where he would have full control over his decisions and have a fresh start, especially with his newly changed opinion on the Todoro situation, so it worked out perfectly.

Da Best: I always was against the idea of merging ECP into any army (many tried but I always said no) as it is unknown what rank they will give you and what they would do next (for example banning you). Ever since my post “What’s next” was released on CPAHQ people started thinking I was defending Todoro for what she did. That isn’t fully true as you cant really shit talk the owner of an army and site you have leader in.
I woke up this morning and saw the post that CPAHQ made about ECP vs SS and saw I was removed from staff at CPAHQ. I expressed this fustraition in leaders gc which has Sha in it (mainly so she could train the leaders to lead and I could get out) and I was told that I could merge ECP into CPAD and get owner of that army. I took the offer as it is probably the best offer I will get and I trust both of them to not do anything stupid. They both stepped down from leader at their own accord I had no influence in that decision.

It seems that both leaders are happy with the merging idea, and it seems as well that Da Best is looking for a legitimate beginning. Will this work out for both parties? Will the Eclipse ever return?

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