Small-Medium Free For All: Results

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – On Sunday, February 13th, four armies faced off in the CP Army HQ’s Small-Medium Free For All battle event. All of the participants competed against each other in a series of three rooms, but only one army stood out from the rest. Exactly what went down during this ultimate battle? 

The list of participants consisted of the Silver Empire, the Fire Warriors, the Secret Service and Eclipse. Troops of each army wore a specific color, pre-assigned to their armies. The Empire in silver, the Warriors in orange, the Agents in red, and the Eclipse in purple all clashed on the battlefield.   

The administration announced that the battle would take place at 3 pm EST on February 13th. At the 30 minute mark, Associate Director and Head Judge Spotty notified the armies that the battle would take place on the server Ascent.

Room 1: Docks

Winner: Silver Empire

The judges stated that the Silvers entered the room first, entering into an upside down T formation. The Secret Service followed close behind in a diagonal form. After them came the Fire Warriors, followed by Eclipse coming in last. The Silver Empire won this room due to their size and superior tactics.

Room 2: Iceberg

Winner: Silver Empire

Once again the Silver Empire entered first, this time in an L formation. The agents followed them, and Eclipse coming in last. Judge Racecar announced that the Fire Warriors did not show up in this room, shoving them out of the picture. The Silver Empire’s size and tactics gave them a victory despite the other two armies putting on a great show.

Room 3: Stadium

Winner: Silver Empire

The Silver Empire struck again with an immediate entry, the Secret Service on their tail and Eclipse following, just like the previous rooms. Secret Service and Eclipse both picked up their speed and tactics, but once again, the Empire’s size lead them to a victory.

And so, ending the tournament with a 3-0-0-0 score, here are the results:

Overall Winners: Silver Empire

Congratulations to the Silver Empire for winning the Small-Medium Free For All and to the rest of the armies for their laudable performances. CP Army HQ is grateful to you for your support of this tournament.

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