My Controversial Opinion: “Multilogging never left and it’s as rampant as ever”

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Multilogging has always been the ultimate crime on the battlefield, but since the shut down of a community private server, the uncovering of such activity has completely subsided. Is it still ongoing in 2022, and if so, how can we combat it? 

“Multilogging never left and it’s as rampant as ever.”

Sidie9, CP Army HQ Director-in-Chief

Sidie9 has witnessed a fair share of controversy within the army community over the years, as a veteran from the original Club Penguin era. She now serves as a leader of the People’s Imperial Confederation and heads up the main army organisation, CP Army HQ, alongside her co-Director DMT. As someone who has been investigating multilogging within the army community for several years now, I was interested to hear her take on the prevalence of this crime in our current day:

“Multilogging has always been a part of the army community. Before the beginning of the CPPS era we used to see many multilogging scandals every year, many of them being in some of the top major armies. Not even ACP, an army held in high regard for morality at the time, came out unscathed. We’ve seen some scandals, mostly minor, but over the past three years things have gone quiet. I don’t think that’s because multilogging is gone, though. I believe people have learnt to become more careful in undertaking cheating on any scale.

It’s also become harder to detect multilogging with armies using CP Rewritten or Yukon as opposed to now-closed army CPPS’s such as CPATG or, in which the admins don’t check to see if multilogging occurs. Even with army run private servers, admins rarely checked for multilogging unless specific allegations were made. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe that multilogging is still a problem we face today. People have been doing this for over a decade, I don’t believe it just abruptly stopped now.”

Sidie addresses some great points, and would be correct in saying that over the course of our history, multilogging has always existed in some form – be that low level from a single person, or systematic within the top staff of a major army. Keen to discover if she is alluding to any specific armies, I asked her for the names of any armies she believed were currently multilogging:

“I believe that there are armies in the community that multi-log. I have some in mind but I’d rather not call names out. One or two of them are very blatant in my eyes, but I don’t think I should say anything else. I’m sure some of the readers will know who I’m referring to.”

Her earlier discussion of CP Army: The Game and, and their ability to easily catch multiloggers, without a doubt contributed to the unearthing of so many multilogging armies under the Army Hub. However, with Superhero123 opening CP Army Battlefield this April, could there be hope on the horizon? With this in mind, I asked Sidie: Do you think these armies could be affected by a potential switch to CPAB when it opens in April?

“It depends. I don’t believe the previous army-run private servers were checked regularly for multilogging unless it was as a result of allegations, and I’m also aware that CPAB administrator Superhero123 is a busy person. If multilogging is still an ongoing issue, which I think it is, those armies might see an issue but I don’t expect active investigations to see if armies have penguin with matching IPs and such. I also suspect some armies in particular may stick to a CPPS such as Yukon out of fear of being caught out.”

Daily and weekly checks of army events were in fact carried out by the CP Army Hub administration at the time of these platforms existing, and led to many multilogging investigations and exposes. How this will be managed by Superhero123 when CP Army Battlefield is released is yet to be seen. But if there is no way to completely stop multilogging, does Sidie believe it is even worth trying to fight the problem? And if so, what can we do to continue the fight?

“Multilogging always provides an unfair advantage to armies who partake in it, it’s the same principle as using performance-enhancing drugs in sports. We can’t do much about it now unfortunately, drug tests for Club Penguin Armies don’t exist yet, but hopefully CPA Battleground will be monitored closely.”

Sidie’s view that multilogging within the army community is still as rampant as ever may not be as unpopular as she thinks, but if that is the case, why are more people not talking about it? Which armies is she referencing? And what progress will be made this year, particularly with the opening of CPAB, in regards to limiting the amount of cheating in-game.


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