Deception & Depravity: Breaking Down The Eclipse-Secret Service Saga

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – The Secret Service and Eclipse leaderships have been embroiled in a shocking state of events, with a declaration of war exposing inappropriate relationships, attempts of deception and deceit, and a sustained attitude of victim blaming.

TW: This article contains the discussion of pedophilia. Reader discretion is advised. 

The spectacle began yesterday, February 13th, when the Secret Service leadership issued a declaration of war on the Eclipse, who had opened the previous day for a new generation and what they believed as a fresh start. This was not the case, however, as a Secret Service website post written by leader Pandor detailed numerous reasons behind the declaration, stating in its introduction that the army had “crossed the line with people in SS many times in the past”. Pandor then proceeded to break down the reasons by listing three individuals from the Eclipse leadership that have been involved in adult and minor relationships: Todoro, Da Best and Rach. While Todoro and Rach were the adult perpetrators, Da Best was the minor and therefore a victim.

CP Army HQ Director-in-Chief, DMT, issued a public statement in regards to Todoro’s behaviour and inappropriate relationship. He covered the claims against her and revealed the results of an internal investigation that saw her removed from her position as a staff member.

The Secret Service were also criticised for their handling of such a sensitive topic, and for victim blaming Da Best, who was the minor in an inappropriate relationship. This is in response to Pandor’s statement: “We can’t blame him for being a victim but by taking the route of dating someone like this can shake our skeletons all the way through.”

Our investigation discovered that Rach was intended to be given the leader role originally, but to avoid public scrutiny she was publicly announced as a leader-in-training and would be a “leader behind-the-scenes”. When the declaration of war from the Service was published, she was the first to resign from her position in Eclipse. With just Todoro and Da Best remaining, the pair colluded to avoid the war by pretending to “banish” Todoro from the army. Da Best obtained the Discord server ownership from Todoro and informed Pandor that both had departed from the army.

However, despite both Rach and Todoro appearing to have left the army, Pandor informed Da Best the war would continue because he was “annoying”.

In the early hours of February 14th, Da Best issued an update to the announcements channel of the Eclipse Discord. He informed the army that Todoro has left every group chat and that he is no longer in communication with her. This came hours after Elsa/The Mad Hatter was promoted into the Eclipse leadership to take over the reigns of the USA division from Todoro.

To try and understand the Secret Service’s intentions moving forward, and to get clarification on the victim blaming criticism, we organised an exclusive interview with Secret Service leader Pandor.

Hello Pandor, thank you for speaking with me. Can I first start by asking why you declared war on the Eclipse?

We saw pedos in their leadership. We didn’t like that. They have been constantly annoying currently and in the past towards me and my army and recently to SS, and in the end we don’t like them.

What is your response to the criticism you have faced regarding the victim blaming of Da Best?

It wasn’t intended to sound like victim blaming and when it was pointed out we changed the post.

What changes did you make to the post? The statement “We can’t blame him for being a victim but by taking the route of dating someone like this can shake our skeletons all the way through.” still remains now.

This was our change, it was quite different when we first wrote it.

But you’ve changed it to something that still blames him? You have insinuated that he (as a minor) made the decision to date an adult and is responsible for that inappropriate relationship. Did you change it because you were criticised or do you still hold that view? As it’s still in the post now?

Because from seen screenshots and conversations he’s had with Ivy, he knew what he was doing was wrong and never did anything and he did make the decision to date her.

Why did you decide to continue with the war once Da Best had told you he had banished Todoro and Rach? And what do you make of his attempt to deceive the SS leadership?

Bahahahaha his attempt to deceive me was quite funny as i knew it wasn’t as easy as that to banish the creator of the army. The reason why I still am continuing with this war is because their annoying which was another reason which tempted us to declare war.

The most recent update is a post entitled “What next?” on the Eclipse website, and sees Da Best extend his support to Todoro and makes clear that the Secret Service have done no damage to his army, in which he is now in full control of. Todoro also released a statement, and said she plans on staying in the Ice Warriors as a Head General, and that she may return to lead Eclipse in several months time. She has also considered a retirement at the end of 2022, but makes clear this plan is not set in stone.

There is no doubt that the Secret Service-Eclipse drama is far from over, with the upcoming war set to see the Service raid all future Eclipse events, even despite them moving platforms from CP Rewritten to Yukon. Will this be enough for them to escape their enemies? Or will the Secret Service be successful in their goal for a total eclipse?


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