The Fifth Clover Crusade: Templars Declare War on Army of Club Penguin

MAGMA, Templar’s Capital – Just days after the conflict ended with the Bose DK Warriors, the Templars find themselves on the battlefield once more. An adversary they’ve faced many times, the Army of Club Penguin is their new victim. How will this war play out?

After finishing their most recent campaign, the Templars are out for more. Earlier today, the Templars published a post entitled “Vive L’Empereur“. Within the post, the Templars declare war on the Army of Club Penguin, and giving little justification on to why. One possible justification could be the varying Army of Club Penguin alternate accounts that have recently flooded the Templars discord. This has yet to have been proven true.

Unknown Discord Accounts Banned from TCP

Neither army is no stranger to war, especially against one another. The two armies have battled one another countless times. Conflict first began on December 27th, 2019, when the Army of Club Penguin declared war on the Templars for the first time. Since then, both armies have had their fair shares of declarations. Their most recent conflict was in September 2021.

Battle from the most recent ACP-TCP conflict in September

The CP Army Headquarters reached out to both Xing and Zeus on their approaches to the war:

Xing: Templar North Station

Zeus has not given a statement at this time

While another conflict ensues between these two armies, the community will just have to step back and see who emerges victorious this time around. Who will emerge victorious? Will these two fight again in the future?

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