Secret Service And Fire Warriors War – A Hoax?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Last week, Fire Warriors had declared war on their allies, Secret Service. As it turns out, the war was probably a hoax. What were the intentions behind initiating a war like this? What does the situation look like at the moment?

In a shocking turn of events, Sweater, one of the current leaders of the Fire Warriors declared war on one of the allies of the army, the Secret Service. On February 2nd, an invasion of the land owned by the Secret Service was scheduled by the leader.

Fire Warriors scheduling an invasion of the Secret Service’s land.

Shortly after this, the terms of the war were posted, making it seem like a real war had been declared.

Terms of War.

The question that aroused the community, and had everyone wondering was – what exactly happened between the two armies for them to break their alliance all of a sudden, and go to war against each other. While the Fire Warriors announced claiming that their alliance had come to an end, the Secret Service made an announcement saying that all the members belonging to Fire Warriors should be banished from their server instantly.

Ugly’s announcement in the Fire Warriors server.

Kyle’s announcement in the Secret Service server.

As it turns out, the war may have been a hoax all along and never intended to happen in the first place. After the scheduled invasion was canceled two days later, a message was put out by Ugly, one of the leaders of Fire Warriors, stating that the war was a joke, and the alliance between them and the Secret Service was still intact.

Invasion canceled by the Fire Warriors.

Ugly claiming that the war was a joke.

The situation at hand got more confusing and uncertain, when Kyle, former leader of the Secret Service, recently posted in the army’s discord server asking everyone whether they should go to war. He then mentioned that the war would probably happen next week. It is still unclear whether he was talking about the war with the Fire Warriors, or some other army. Hence, at this point, we cannot assume anything, nor can we completely say that the war is a hoax, as very little is known about the same.

A recent announcement in the Secret Service discord server.

At the time of writing this, no Fire Warrior or Secret Service leader has had any comment. However, we hope to find out more about the situation and keep everyone updated about the same.



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