Gameplay Comparisons: Graphic Style

KLONDIKE, CP Army Headquarters – Welcome back to another edition of Gameplay Comparisons. Today, we’ll be looking at the three very different graphic styles Club Penguin has experienced throughout the years.

Throughout the near 18 years, the name has surfaced around video game communities, Club Penguin has had three different graphic styles. Each style is easily recognizable, and some are even nothing alike. It’s also interesting to note the different routes private servers chose when selecting their graphic style in 2017.

I. 2007 & Prior

The first recorded graphic design of Club Penguin was classified as as1. Very little is known about as1, especially its last appearance in the game. It is known for certain that Club Penguin debuted in this as1 design, and changed to another in 2008.

II. 2008-2012

One of the two most iconic designs from the game was as2. Very similar to as1; as2 has a very simple style. It is nearly identical to as1 in every shape and form. Unlike as1 however, as2 was recorded, and the community has a better understanding of when Club Penguin made a massive graphic change.

Coffee Shop in as2 graphics

III. 2012-2017

Arguably the most iconic design, as3 was a major upgrade from previous years. Entire rooms and features were redesigned, including the penguin. With entire design changers, the game looked brand new.

Town displayed in as3

IV. 2017-Present

With various adaptations of Club Penguin all over the internet, they each range in style. The very controversial Club Penguin Online mainly utilized an as3 client, yet still had an as2 client available. The mainstream Club Penguin Rewritten uses a primarily as2 room style but uses varying components of as3. Antique Penguin primarily focused on an as2 client.

CPRewritten HTML Beta Testing in 2020

With three varying graphic styles, private servers now have to make the decision on what to choose. Many tend to choose an older graphic style for a more nostalgic feel. Some choose a newer, trendy style for a cleaner feel. Regardless of choice, the graphic style of the game really sets the tone for its intended gameplay. Will the community ever witness as4? Will another graphic style emerge? 

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